Friday, November 11, 2016

Noah's 7th Birthday Celebration!

It was exactly 5:36 on a Wednesday morning when Noah jumped into our bed with a clear and happy voice saying "mommy, I'm so excited cause today is my birthday!" I was like, "Noah, it's too early, and you don't have school for another two hours! Go back to sleep!" Well, he never went back to sleep, an since it was time for Lexie to go to seminary anyway I ended up waking up, gave him a great big hug, kissed him on the cheek, and wished him a happy birthday! 

A soon as everyone left for school I started making preparations for his birthday, and pretty much did everything at the last minute. I wrapped the gifts, and bought a few balloons to add color to our dining room. I picked up the chocolate cake per Noah's request, and as I was leaving the store it began to rain. No big deal because we didn't plan anything outdoorsy, and being that it was a school day kept it low key with just family! Well, almost. Poor Jon had to work and so we waited to do the cake until later, but other than that Noah was content, and had so much fun opening his presents. 

I captured a few moments of our little celebration. 

I'm not one to give big themed parties, and the fact that we moved so much gave me an excuse not to throw any parties so the girls were deprived of having an actual birthday with friends over. We've always had simple birthdays, and the girls seemed fine with that. Luckily they're not scarred and that they have always enjoyed their simple family birthday parties, but I think Noah might be a bit different from his sisters. He really wanted to invite at least two kids from his new school to celebrate with us, but because his birthday fell on a school night told him we couldn't do it. Luckily he's as resilient as kids come, and he didn't get upset. This is his first year asking me all about inviting kids over for a party. He's certainly getting older, and is beginning to understand what birthdays are all about. So maybe if we are stable enough to live in the same place for the next few years we can actually throw him a party with some of his little friends. 
But this year he had to deal with just us on his birthday, and it seemed as if he was okay with that. I'm sure the look on his face proves that he was happy to have celebrated his seventh with just us! Especially when we were singing "happy birthday" to him! 
So grateful for simplicity, and for giving him a simple, sweet celebration, and I'm so glad he enjoyed it! I can't believe our little guy is seven! Here's to many more years to come! 

Happy Birthday Noah! 

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