Friday, December 2, 2016

Miles Found Us!

Well, he did it. Miles found us. 

I thought that after moving from south jersey he'd lose us, but it looks like he didn't want to give up, and since he knows his way around Jersey tracked us down with the help of Santa's radar. I am only glad that he is a very simple, and laid back little elf. He just chills around the house, and doesn't pull any kind of mischief, or make messes.
When I bought him four years ago, I mentioned to the kids that he wasn't going to pull any kind of stunts like that. Because that's not what Christmas is all about. Christmas is about simplicity, and giving when we can. It's about uttering the words Merry Christmas which is better than nothing if you can't afford to give any gifts at all. It's about love, and cherishing. Serving, and surrounding our thoughts, and actions around the birth of Christ. Miles has gotten the gist of how we live our life, and I'm okay with having him in our house again this year. I see the smiles on the kids faces when he arrived. Noah calls him a silly elf because of how he found him this morning hugging a globe with a note taped to it. I'm not so sure how Chelsea feels about him anymore. I get the impression that the older she gets the more ridiculous it sounds to have an elf going around the house finding places to "chill." It's nice to have him add some color, and laughter into our home though, and Noah's sense of humor is enough to make us laugh all month long. So grateful that Miles is easy going, and that's how I want our Christmas to be this year. 

Simple, and easy. 

Happy December! 

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