Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Noah-isms: Christmas Edition.

Life has been way too busy this holiday season to jot down every single quirky thing Noah says, but i somehow always manage to remember the funniest, and sweetest things that he utters. I love it when he comes home from school, and gives me his daily recap. He always has something interesting to say, and sometimes they are things I don't want to hear such as his friends at school talking about girls, and how some girls want to kiss him.
I'm sure it's innocent, but I still have talks with about life, and how kids sometimes don't understand the things we do, or handle things the way he do. He is still young, and full of curiosity, but luckily he knows when to tell his friends enough is enough, and in a nice way. I taught him that! 

Aside from the petty dramatic happenings of seven year olds at his school, here are a few things he said that my brain managed to retain!

While doing a family home lesson on blessings, and consequences we asked Noah these questions, "What happens when you don't obey the commandments. His response, "You get transformers, and legos, and Jesus helping you." What are the consequences when you don't obey? He says, "Monsters, and no transformers, and legos." 

While Noah was reading he was reenacting the pictures in the book, and in my "teacher voice" tell him to settle down, and read normal. He says to me, "mom, you sound like a weird Ms. Strobino." 

So I was playing with Noah, and decided to do my best spiderman impersonation shooting noises with my mouth, and he says to me, "Mom, stop I'm being patient with you." I think he meant impatient! LOL! 

We ended up buying green apples instead of red, and wanted a red one. We told him to try the green because it tastes just as good. With a sarcastic tone he says, "ooooookkaaaaaaaay! I'll try it." 

It never fails the then he's exhausted he begins to talk nonsense. One day from picking up Jon from work he wanted to come, and Jon asked him, "Noah, how was your day?" He said, "you didn't come to my party at school." I was like, "what party, when was it?" "Now, he said. Yep, he was definitely tired that day! 

Normally I never need to tell him to practice piano, but on this particular day his mood was off, and I had to keep getting on him to practice. He said, "I can't mom.. I have no arm." He was sticking his arms inside his shirt being a goof! He practiced eventually, but man...this kid sometimes!

With Christmas being so close we had a little lesson on the birth of Christ for Family home evening, and the resurrection. As a former Catholic i mentioned to him how Catholic churches have Jesus hanging on a wooden cross on display. When I said that to him his face was sad, and then he said, "if he was real, I would take him off." When he said that we continued to tell I'm that He does live, and that He is real. We may not see him, but He is there. Noah's smile then returned. 

Here's hoping y'all continue to enjoy the Christmas season, and that your finding time to relax without hustling! 

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