Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Morning & My Two Favorite Gifts.

Christmas is by far the most wonderful time of the year, and truly my favorite holiday. It's a time for families to get together. To love, and laugh, and cry tears of joy. Tears of joy because we are spending it with our loved ones. It is the time to celebrate the birth of Christ, and to share the love we have for everyone. The Light of the World campaign was one of the highlights of this month for me.
Every day I'd wake up all excited waiting to read what service called for that day, and even though we missed some days the times where we did serve brought so much joy to my life. I love doing things for people, and what better time than at Christmas. It sure does change my perspective in all things, and I have to mention that I am grateful for those who served my family this month as well as well as that secret santa who stopped by our house, and totally made our year! 

Attending church service on christmas morning is something I look forward to. It's very rare that Christmas falls on a sunday, and oh, how wonderful it was to rejoice The Lord through music. We had a wonderful program that included Sierra, and Lexie singing while playing the piano, and violin. I absolutely loved hearing them, and our church choir as well. It was a beautiful program, and so happy that my girls were invited to be a part of it! 

After church we took advantage of Sierra's presence and took a combination of photos with each other. We hadn't seen her since January, and felt that we better take this opportunity and shoot a few pics as a family before she leaves! 
She loves him.
 I believe that Chelsea is going to tower her older sisters next year! 
 You can see that Jon is excited to have his baby here! 
 These two truly are the best of friends. 
Noah-our little photo bomber! 
Since church service began at 10am we decided to open our presents afterwards. When it comes to giving, we've come to the conclusion that less is best, and I'm so grateful that our children understand that the things of the world are not important. Our Christmases for the past three years have been pretty simple, and in all honesty it feels so nice when you don't have to do to much during the holidays especially when it comes to shopping. I'd rather take our kids out on adventures in the city, and to see the lights. I don't have much time to spend with my oldest daughter, and having her here for just a week doesn't give us enough time to venture out to all the places I'd like to take her, but the quality time of us just spending time as a family in the home, or close to home is good enough for me. One needs not to spend too much money to have a good Christmas! 
Two of my favorite gifts this year was having gone to the temple with Sierra, and a special, simple gift from my son. 
I didn't document every single gift we received because that's unnecessary, but I wanted to add two of my favorite gifts. The temple is my favorite place on earth to go whether I'm happy or sad, and going with my daughter since she first went through in January was a joy! I sure wish we lived close enough so that we could attend more often, but I'm so glad we made it to the temple this year together! 

Noah's gift was so special. It was a huge paper ornament he made with a sweet sentiment that read, "I love you from the top of my heart to the bottom of my mistletoes." So super cute! 
Having Sierra here, and going to the temple with her, and Noah's little gift were truly the best ever! There is nothing that makes me happier than the words of love from my little boy, and making time for me, and the Lord to go the temple from my firstborn! Love you Sierra! 
Hope your Christmas was merry, and bright! 

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