Thursday, December 29, 2016

Gift Exchange, and Our Christmas Dinner.

There is something about gift exchanges that makes Christmas a little bit more fun. Don't get me wrong, we each make our own Christmas the best it can be, and for some it may not be about the gifts, but when it comes to friends gift exchanges are so much fun to do! 

Before Christmas dinner my dear friend Maggie came over, and spent the day with us. She has been such a dear friend to me for over 20 years, and has the most kindest and giving heart. This year she was so generous as to gift my family a few gifts. Thing about these gifts were that they are things we can use like socks, gloves, and hats, and some were simple gifts. I tell her that her friendship is enough, and that having her join our family fun is the greatest gift of all, but she always insists on giving the sweetest, and simplest gifts to my family, and my kids are grateful. 
I personally love giving, and she too was pleased with her gifts. She loves too cook, and a friend of mine gave me this cookbook, and I in return got one for maggie too! Mitt Romney cookbook rocks! 
We had the missionaries form our church over for dinner that evening, and it was so much fun having a full house filled with food, and good conversation. I love the spiritual messages that they share at the end of our visit. Elders Johnson, and Jordan are two of the most nicest, hard working missionaries, and I'm so happy that we were able to share in our joy with them this Christmas. 
I sure do appreciate Maggie for taking these photos. I didn't even know she was capturing some of these moments with my kids. They love her like an aunt, and we are so grateful to have someone I've known for half of my life live close to us in Jersey! 

And the missionaries too! 

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