Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hooray For Christmas in Lighting The World!

"The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us" has become one of my new favorite quotes. It helps me to remind my kids what Christmas is all about. I love that we have built traditions around the holidays, but also love this time of year because it helps me to reflect more on the Savior which helps give me an even deeper appreciation for those who are without, having hard times whether it be physical, emotional, or financial, and are in need of comfort, kind words, love, friendshipping. Teaching my children the true meaning of Christmas is enough for me when it comes to the holidays. 

Sure we have fun decorating the tree, going to new york to see Christmas in the city, visiting Santa, driving around to see the Christmas lights, baking cookies (them, not me...I'll just frost them), and other various activities that we will fit into our schedule, but I have come to the realization that at the end of the day, it's all about peace, hope, and time. Peace because I am a mother, and with that comes a lot of parental concerns, hope because all I want for Christmas is joy, and time because it's important to make times for the things that matter most.  
Light The World is a project that my church has been doing since December 1st, and I love the idea that comes from it. This is definitely one way where we can continue to remind our children what Christmas is all about. Finding ways to light the world" by serving others, and for us to become better christians. 
Last weekend the kids pulled out their little tree, and all their ornaments, and decorated it. I even made a little video that you can view here. I've had this little tree since Lexie was born, and they have so much fun decorating it each year. This is something they have done on their own since Sierra was about 10. It's been a fun tradition watching them decorate their little tree, and I'm not sure if I'll ever get rid of it. Some of the branches have fallen off, and glued back on, but it's still standing and the kids love it! 

I captured a few photos for my posterity in hopes that my future grandkids will read this and build their own traditions. 
We love pinecones, and Noah had fun putting them inside the vase. He is such a good little helper, and really got into the spirit of Christmas doing it! 
He's especially proud of decorating their little christmas tree with the help of his sisters.
Going to the Macy's parade is another tradition we started eight years ago when we moved here, and hope to always make it to the parade. It's one of the ways we start off the Christmas season. Noah is proud of his pin that was given to him by one of the people participating in the parade. He will not take it off! 
I also took a few photos of these two dancing with the christmas lights, and getting tangled in them. Even though these two have their moments, at the end of the day it all ends with love, and laughter! 
One of our favorite books, and Christmas traditions is reading this book to the kids. It helps them remember the true meaning of Christmas, and that it's not about the worldly gifts, but the gift that comes from God which is the Savior. 

Here's hoping y'all are enjoying the festivities that this holiday season brings! 

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