Monday, December 12, 2016

Peter & The Wolf At The Guggenheim.

Peter and the wolf at the Guggenheim museum has become our new Christmas family tradition for Noah, and I'm only sad that I didn't bring the girls. Even though Chelsea, and Lexie are a tween and a teen I know they would have enjoyed this show. Not only because of the story, but because there is an orchestra that involves a violin, and a cello! Let's not mention that oboe player that plays on the stage. 

Jon and I decided to take Noah out on a date into the city, just the three of us, and as one of his Christmas presents took him to see Peter and the wolf. Noah couldn't take his eyes off the stage once it started. All the characters played their parts so well. We absolutely loved every minute of this day spent with Noah, and in all honesty kept turning my way towards Noah to see his reaction. At the end of the show I asked him who his favorite character was, and he said everyone! I have to agree. The bird, the cat, the wolf, the duck, the grandfather, and Peter all did a great job. Love that Isaac Mizrahi started this play ten years ago! It's hard to believe that this show has gone on for 10 years, and that I found out about it two years ago. He's also the narrator, and he's really good at it! So grateful for this city that never disappoints, and has so many opportunities for kids of all ages to expand their culture and knowledge. This is one show we will continue to go during the Christmas season, and are definitely bringing the girls next time! 

Because there isn't any photograph allowed, I couldn't snap any photos, and that's okay because I had the best time keeping my eyes on the stage, and seeing Noah's facial reactions. But i did capture these...
Before the show began Jon was explaining to Noah about Peter and the Wolf. Jon grew up with reading this story so he has a history about what Peter and the Wolf is all about. 
 Here is the cast with Isaac Mizrahi at the end of the performance. Stellar!!
We sure had an amazing date with our little boy. I was telling Jon that night how fun it is to have just one boy so we can spoil him, and take him anywhere his little heart desires. We do have a limit as to how spoiled he can get, but trust me he's not spoiled rotten! Just sweet as can be, and when he says "thank you" for taking him to places he's never been just warms my heart. He's just one happy little guy! 

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