Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Visiting Santa At ABC Carpet & Home.

Christmas is the time for all things magical especially when you have young children, and going to see Santa this year at the ABC carpet and home was worth the wait in line. Going inside to see this particular Santa who has been here for years was the friendliest one ever! Since moving to the east we have been going to Macy's, and The Plaza to visit Santa, but this year we decided to visit him at ABC.
Not only was this Santa the greatest at kindness, and in conversation, but this store is absolutely amazing. The way this store decorates at Christmas is spectacular. 
The kids were so patient, and if it wasn't for this sweet little kid Gabriel, and his momma I think Noah would have gone full blown ADD, but these two kept each other entertained while waiting in line. I personally didn't mind the wait, and the blessing that came from it was meeting one of the nicest ladies who hails from Slovakia, and now resides in Brooklyn. We instantly became friends, and have already planned some play dates for the kids. 
New york is filled with the kindest people, and if your lucky you get to meet one who is kind, and seems like a fun mom...like me! (Wink, wink!)
I snapped a few photos of Santa with the kids, and they were so cute with him. Noah told him he wanted lego transformers, lego star wars, spider man legos, and LEGOS period! And all chelsea wants is a cello. 
It's amazing how these two became the best of friends in under two hours! They both got along so well, and I love the manners on this kid! Gabriel, thanks for being so nice to Noah!  
^^^ They even asked to take a picture with Santa together. ^^^ 
What a beautiful day it was in New York. I absolutely love coming to the city, and finding out more, and more about all the places to go...especially at Christmas time! 

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