Friday, December 16, 2016

Errand Of Angels From Utah, Circa 2006.

It's hard to believe that this video is ten years old, but boy oh boy do i love a good reminder. It feels as if I left from that area yesterday. All the sisters in this video remind me of the goodness that we can share, and the love that we can give to others. No matter what paths we have all gone towards, or where we live at this moment what matters is that these angels that were mine for those short years expressed service, love, devotion, thoughtfulness, compassion, love, and kindness. All the attributes that the Savior has, and desires us to inhibit were given to me, and because of that I will pass that on! 

I will forever be grateful for the three years I lived in Sugarhouse, because those are the years that helped me see who I really was in a whole new light. It was the year I got sealed to my family for all time and eternity, the year I had my third daughter, the year I developed a strong testimony of temple worship, and the year where I saw how crucial it was to visit our sisters no matter if their names were on our route or not. Those were the years where my weaknesses became strengths, and where my strengths became even stronger. 

Life is never easy, but being a part of this community in Utah helped me to truly fellowship. To love unconditionally. To be fearless in talking to my non-member neighbors about my beliefs. To befriend the young girl that lived across the street from me, and share with her my love for The Lord, and His true gospel. To turn the other cheek whenever someone wouldn't be nice, and to basically just Love. 

I am thankful to Rita for making me a copy of this video upon moving, and I will treasure it forever. Watching it helps me reflect on the things that are important when it comes to womanhood, sisterhood, and motherhood. 

It is a gift of content that I will never take for granted. 

I hope this will bring back fond memories for those who had a snippet in this video

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