Thursday, December 22, 2016

"Wise Men Still Seek Him."

This year Noah was one of the wise men, and man was he a happy camper. He was so excited to be getting all dressed up for that. Chelsea was a sheep, and I didn't get a chance to take any photos of her. She was too busy with her tween friends figuring out which colored sheep masks they wanted to wear. Also...girls. They were giggling, and having fun that she didn't let me take any pics of her.

All the kids portrayed the story of Christ in the chapel, and because of that I didn't take too many photos. I didn't want to disrespect the scene with my smartphone out in the open, but I did manage to sneak this one in. 
 Noah was so excited to be carrying one of the "gifts."
After the reenactment we had ourselves some dessert! There was a smorgasbord of cupcakes overflowing in the cultural hall, and naturally we all picked out our favorites. There was a contest going on as to which cupcake was the best, but in my opinion they were all tasty. 
I love that this gathering was centered not only on fun, food, and Santa, but on the story of Christ. That was my main focus of the evening. Having our children reenacting the story is so important, and teaching them why we do that is even more crucial. It's good to teach them at a young age so they can have an understanding of what Jesus, Mary, and Joseph went through. 

I'm so happy to know that this is something that our church does every single year. My kids really enjoyed it, and had so much fun with it. 

Can't wait for Noah to be in it again next year. 
My little wise man. 

"Wise Men Still Seek Him."

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