Thursday, January 5, 2017

City Center D.C. & Arlington Cemetery in December.

Spending our last day of the new year in D.C. was the absolute best! It didn't matter that we rang in the new year in our car on our way home from D.C. listening to U2's new years day on the radio. Having good conversation with Lexie made it a pretty fun drive being that it was midnight! Teens have a lot to say when they're wired, and it was pretty sweet! 

Since we left early in the day to D.C. we decided to venture out to city center again to see what art installations they had up. Last spring they had pink lanterns hung up, and it's interesting to see how they decorate each season. Even though Christmas was over I decided to capture a few photos decorations! I love Christmas, and wish it would last forever, but holidays end, seasons change, and life goes on. 

Walking around the city makes you hungry and were debating on a few restaurants for lunch. There are so many places to eat in this city, and we always want to eat something that they don't have in Jersey so we decided to grab some grub over at Willards in Virgina where they have some of the best bbq! Noah loves carbs, and his favorite has become cornbread! 

Arlington cemetery was the most humbling places to go during the holidays. Even in the dead of winter with bare trees seeing the wreaths laid gently against the stones brought a beauty that made it bright. So thankful for all the soldiers who fought, and passed on protecting our freedoms. And for those who continue to do so now too.

Ending our evening by going to the temple to see the lights, and take in the spirit that was there was what we needed. Christmas break for my kids, although joyful was a bit melancholy due to their sister Sierra leaving so suddenly. I'm grateful for forever families, and for the role I have as a mother. Though far from perfect I love my children, and pray many blessings upon them this new year. May they choose joy over sadness, goals over struggle, and love and respect, over contention, and negativity. 

That is my hope for me too! 

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