Friday, January 6, 2017

A New Year, The Same Me, But Better.

Resolutions in my opinion are overrated and so instead of writing down the things I'd like to change I've decided to go on living each day as I've been, but better. Pressing forward through all the challenges that face us. 2016 was no different from any other year I've had, but one thing I do have to say is that when it comes to relocating to a new area a lot can change. 

No one is perfect especially when it comes to being a christian, and we will always have our slip ups...always. Whether you lash out in frustration because of dumb things people do, not approving of something your child does, hence cursing under your breath. One thing I've learned is that I realized that the best thing to do when we have those meltdowns is to immediately apologize to that person in real time. Not months later. As a mother still raising three children at home and keeping tabs on another one who is across the country can be tough. Just because kids get older doesn't mean life with them gets any easier. It becomes more challenging. Unless you have very obedient children, then yes, life can be pretty simple, but it never is. Ever seen Father of the Bride? I'm with Steve Martin in many aspects when it comes to our children wishing for that special event to happen, but one thing I've learned when it comes to adult children is that they have to learn on their own, and live with the choices they make. Every child is different so they are not all going to like the same things, think the same way, have the same goals, eat the same foods, play the same instrument the same way, or behave the same way. Personalities, attitudes, talents, but most of all the choices they each make are going to be different.

But knowing that they are learning from their experiences and learning for themselves brings some relief, and that these stressful moments will come to pass. And then...there's the light of Christ. When I'm not strong enough to handle any drama on my own, I turn my life over to Him, and it works. That voice that speaks to me telling me what's right or wrong is something I will forever hold dear to my heart, because without the gift of the Holy Ghost my conscious wouldn't be so clear. 

Seasons change our mood, and brings a certain renewal to our mind. Since the new year began it's been a pretty wet, and dreary week with lots of rain, and I'll tell ya...the weather doesn't help my mood especially when I'm thinking about those I love who are making rash decisions. Gloomy weather can get us in a slum and awful mood if we don't how to have fun with it! And it's okay to let out some frustration too, but to be better at keeping it on the down low especially when my kids are around. That's not my forte, and I have allowed a lot of my actions be revealed in front of them, but at the end of the day they know what's up because as a family we try to keep it together. 
My kids know how I am and I've had a lot to deal with in previous years especially as the kids get older, but I know that with hope and peace in my life I can be better, and learn to accept the things I cannot change, and learn to let things go. Little by little I can work on those things I'd like to improve, and by so doing can be a little bit more patient like Heavenly Father.

One thing I find different in myself when it comes to a new year is that instead of dwelling on things that have happened in the past to find a resolve, and move on. To grow from any challenges, learn from mistakes that were made, and believe me I make a lot of them, to love more, and just let petty things go. Bringing more love, and compassion in accepting others I hardly even know is something I strive to do more this year too.

Unplugging from what goes on in the world also helps relieve any stress, and as much as I love catching up, and seeing what my friends are up to on social media it can really take away time that's important. Technology breaks are good, and going online from time to time is great and all, but if you have the phone number of that lifelong friend, or family member give them a call every once in a while or send them a simple text. Also, what's more important is what's present right in front of me. Spending quality time with my kids because dang it they are growing up way too fast! 

Life changes with a blink of an eye, and as I get older I don't want to miss the little things that are sweet. I don't want to have to deal with too much chaos in my life, but sometimes that's inevitable. No one has that perfect of a life, but when I do have those chaotic moments I will just sigh, and smile, and look at the brighter things in life because when you seriously take a good look around, and all the good people in your is oh, so good! 
That's the big picture and this year I plan to be a little bit better than before! 

Hope your first week of the year was great folks!  

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