Monday, January 9, 2017

On The First Week of January...

We made it to the temple! Yay! 

So far this new year has been off to a great start. With Jon's busy work schedule we finally made it to the temple! The holiday season always gets super uber busy for Jon that it literally gets impossible for him to make time for the temple! I feel so bad that he hadn't gone because I know how much it means to him, and although he's happy that i attend on my own, he wishes he could come with, and every time I go without him I always think of him, and those I love.
Regardless of going on my own I love it, and I'm a much better person when I leave that beautiful building! Attending the temple in our church is something is so important to me. I attend because it helps strengthens me, and gives me clarity, and peace. I love the person I am when I leave the temple. The temple sure has a lot of benefits, and I'm so grateful to have one close by where I can attend more frequently. 

While serving in the nursery at church yesterday I began talking to another sister, and somehow we go on topic on how important it is to go the temple. I was super passionate in sharing my feelings about it, and past temple trips that Jon and I did when the girls were little. She was impressed at all trips we took, and who early we'd go! Those are some the sweetest moments that will always be treasured in my heart, and it so nice to reflect back on them. It took me a while in preparing to get to the temple after my conversion, but that's okay. I have been making up for lost time by constantly going. Sometimes finding the time to go can be hard, but I know this. If we really want to go, and know how important it is, we can find the time. It's a choice, and can be an easy one if we just put our foot down, and spend a couple of hours at the temple as opposed to watching tv all day, or going to a movie. It's a new year, and because we have one so super close where we only pay a toll that's under five bucks you better believe that I'm not going to complain, but just go! 
I love our dates when we go to the temple. The love I feel for jon just deepens, and we always end up talking even more seriously inside the temple about life. It's wonderful, and it certainly puts all the happenings in our life into a more peaceful state. The Lord is amazing, and He knows us so well, and i know that He hears our prayers, and sees all that we are going through. I love how we also have fun afterwards. Sure we strive to stay in that spiritual mode, but tonight we had a little bit of fun on the grounds. For the longest time we have been waiting for snow, and when we walked out there was a small blanket of snow on the ground. We didn't get too much, but boy did we get hammered the next day. It was so beautiful to see the snow falling and shining off the lights, and to see the nativity covered with snow. 
 I captured a few shots including a few blurry selfies of us. I have to tell ya that we took at least 30 selfies, and only three made it onto this post! I know selfies are overrated, but because it was so cold couldn't find anyone outside to take a pic of us. People that were driving by probably thought we were crazy for standing outside trying to capture that perfect take. 

And in all honesty I don't even care how they look. Blurry or not it's not how the picture looks, but how happy Jon is that he is taking a pic of us! How joyful we both are afterwards. He's such a good sport in being my personal photographer, and the one holding the phone sometimes (thanks to his long arm.) He's not one for social media, and posting on there (have you ever seen his Facebook), but boy does he like to take pictures. 
The first week of 2017 was definitely a good one! 

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