Wednesday, January 25, 2017


We've been singing Hamilton all year long, and the other day when I started singing, "My Shot" Noah says, "oh my gosh! I'm so done with that song!"

After greeting Noah with a hug and kiss from school I said, "hey papas, I've got some tacos at home." He says, "I know mom, I can smell it on your breath." 
While looking through his scrapbook when he was born, and butt naked he said, "babies wieners look weird." 

Had a "Pursuit of Happiness" moment when he asked if we were going to have dessert after dinner , and I said, "possibly." He said, "what does that mean exactly?" 

Noah has developed a love for sharks, and after introducing him to the movie Jaws said, "it's ketchup that they put on the shark in the movie mom. It's not real blood." Smart kid. Although I don't think it's ketchup. 
Noah is getting better with eating protein, and when we made meat loaf the other night Noah had a weird look on his face when we set it on the table. He didn't want to eat it, but then I said to him thabut then I said that he's had it before, but because it was in the form of a cupcake didn't want to eat it. I said to him, "noah, you've had this before." He then says, "i have?" I said, "yes, it was a cupcake." And then he said, "oh, that's right i forgot. It looked like a fat piece of meat."

While watching the movie "Twister" for the first time there was a scene where Helen hunt, and Bill Paxton are running from the twister with horses beside them. Noah was rooting for the horses rather than the people to not get sucked into the twister. I said to him that humans are just as important as animals. His words, "but horses are cuter than the humans in the movie. They're not clean like the horses." 

Oh my son! Our crazy little boy! Our fun loving, wild imagination, sometimes not thinking before he comments kid. I love him, and look forward to more of him. He has a pretty easy life right now, and  I love the way he sees it! 

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