Monday, January 23, 2017

Jazz Java Jam!

This past Friday Lexie's high school band had an event called "Java Jam" This was  Lexie's first performance playing the piano with her new jazz band. Although she misses the jazz band at her old high school she really has adjusted to this great group of kids, and her teacher. Every jazz band plays differently, and every teacher has their own style, and I have to say that I was impressed with this particular jazz band. They all sounded amazing, and everyone did a great job playing their part with great sound. Lexie is also part of the all girls A Capella group, and they all sung great! I didn't get to record any of their singing, but I did record one of my favorite jazz pieces which is Duke Ellington's "Caravan" in which the band played. Caravan has become a favorite of mine, and I blame it on the movie Whiplash. I absolutely loved that movie, but not the barbaric actions on how the teacher in the film teaches his students. I love the drum solo in Caravan, and the adrenaline rush it gives when played, and the drummer in this jazz band nailed it. I'm only grateful that Lexie's new jazz band teacher doesn't curse, or treats his students as J.K. Simmons did in the movie, and motivates them without having to throw any furniture, or cymbals at them! 
Had so much fun listening to them play, and watching them all get down as they were playing. You can view more on my you tube channel if you'd like! It truly was a great evening with relaxing sounds of jazz, and voices that sounded like gold! Good job kids! 

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