Friday, January 20, 2017

Celebrating 12 & 17 With A Video!

Time flies when it comes to birthdays especially when I have two kids with the same birthday in different years. I will always remember Lexie being by my side when I had my baby shower for Chelsea. She was sitting right beside me helping me gather the gifts so I can open them, and throwing away any unwanted tissue and wrapping paper afterwards.
She has always been a good little helper, and till this day she still is. I love how she showed so much adoration for Chelsea when she was born. She instantly had that motherly attribute when she held her, and at five years old would even change her diaper! Besides Sierra, her advanced babysitting skills were very impressive, and I knew that she would be in good hands with Chelsea once Sierra got older. That five year age gap sure has been a blessing!

So in honor of the girls reaching ages that are milestones I felt it appropriate to make a little video of their birthday, and what they did that day adding some sprinkles of their childhood in between. Can't believe that 12 came like a thief in the night, and that she is officially part of the youth group at our church, and that Lexie has one more of high school to go! Milestones for sure, and another thing about needs to slow down some! 

 Pajama bottoms from grandma! They wore them all day Sunday except when they went to church! 
So grateful for these girls and all that they do and how they treat each other. Whether it's laughing together, or getting after each other for petty little things they know that at the end of the day their sisterhood is what matters, and that those are the ties that bind. They have great potential to do many wonderful things in their life, and wish them the very best in doing so. 

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