Monday, January 16, 2017

Holly Trees & A Few Pics of Our Winter So Far.

Since it snowed quite a bit last week I wanted to capture some moments of the kids in our new place. This is our first winter in this area, and so far this week has been mild with a high of 65! I am lucky to have captured some shots even though it was bitter cold! I love the holly trees that are built along the property of our house.
It definitely adds some color especially in the winter time. With the snowfall we just had seeing the trees covered in snow is really pretty, and because i love to take pictures of my kids decided to capture a few with them in it.

When the snow finally came Noah did something that he's never done before! I'd expect him to do this at a toddler age, but I guess seven year olds do it too! At least mine does! He ate snow from the trees. I captured a moment of him doing so on this short video, and I had to laugh instead of get mad. Luckily it was snow that has been untouched! His words, "mmm, mom this snow is good. try some!"
My long legged boy! I only look forward to his growth because I wonder how tall he'll be! 

Granted we don't own the house we moved to because we are here on a two year lease in hopes that we will stay and find a permanent home, but nonetheless we are enjoying our farm house that has no central air, no dishwasher, and no garbage disposal. I am grateful for simplicity, and the two full baths that make up for all that, and that the kids are happy being in this area, and living in a house that is surrounded by holly trees so that they can play and run around them in the winter time!  

Enjoy your week folks! 

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