Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Washington D.C. Temple Lights on New Year's Eve.

In our family, traditions are a wonderful thing, and we have a few during the Christmas season that we like to do. Normally we see the temple lights in D.C. before Christmas, but because of various new traditions that we started didn't get around to it until New Year's Eve. What better way to end the year though, by going to the temple to reflect on what's really important in hopes that we will carry it into the new year. 

And that's exactly what we did. 

We spent the entire day in D.C. and ventured out to city center, and arlington cemetery which I will add to a later post, but going to see the lights at the temple which we attended for eight years was the icing on the cake to the last day of the year. 

As we drove into the temple grounds  looking at the lights seemed a bit different this year. They were perfectly put on, and didn't look like lights on a tree, but a portrait of colorful trees! Whoever put the lights on the trees this year did a perfect job, and with finesse! 
Walking along the grounds, and looking at the nativity scenes inside the visitors center made it seem as if Christmas never ended. Everything is always picture perfect when you go to the temple grounds, and we had a wonderful evening!

 Here are a few photos to remember this special eve.

Excuse some of the blurred photos, but it's kind of hard to take good pics when you are surrounded by lights at night time! 

It was a perfect end to a pretty good year, and great evening! I love my family, and am so grateful for the temples that are built on this earth for us to attend so we can grow, learn, and always remember. I hope to continue this tradition no matter what. Kids come, and go, grow up, and move out, but families are forever, and this tradition of going to the temple during the christmas season is a spiritual high that helps us reflect on how much the Savior really loves us. 

And why it's so important to have the temple in our life. 

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