Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring In Washington D.C.!

East coast weather has been crazy with temperatures going up, and down, and as much as I was hoping to capture some amazing shots of cherry blossoms along the tidal basin this past weekend, it was a no go. Last week temps in D.C. were in the 70's with mild wind which made it a perfect time to go, but because we went over the weekend the weather was cold, and windy. It was so windy that it knocked off most of the cherry blossoms onto the ground all along the national mall. Luckily a sister at the visitors center told us about a residential area where they have an umbrella of cherry blossom trees. Most of the trees had some blossoms left so I didn't get too many great shots, but I did manage to spot a few trees with blossoms left, and just look how beautiful they are! Sure do love that cherry color!
 Upon arriving to our friends home in Virginia, and going to ladies night we went by the temple grounds (can you tell we can't get enough of the temple), and walked around snapping joyful moments. 
// and these flowers planted along the flower beds of the temple are so beautiful! sure love spring!! //
Before conference we walked around city center in D.C. It's been a while since we've been here, and even though we didn't do any shopping it was nice to walk around and get this kids wiggles out before attending conference, and sitting for two hours! And check out those pink lanterns! What a cool looking art installation, and lovely look for spring! They're only up for a couple of more weeks, and then they're taking them down so if you're in the D.C. area and want to check them out I'd do it soon! 
Don't be fooled. He only stood still for this picture, but as soon as Lexie captured it he began to run amuck! Sure love this boy! 
This pic too! Sure love ya kid! 

**You can see more posts of the time we went to the cherry blossom festival here.

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