Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow Day On A Saturday!

Everyone woke up earlier than usual this past saturday. We had music lessons, and planned on visiting a friend in south jersey afterwards. But all that changed as soon as it starred to snow. Lessons got canceled, we didn't get to visit our friend, and Jon got called off of work. You can imagine the kids faces when he called to let us know that he wasn't driving, and by the sound of his voice...he was relieved. It's not a perk for being a UPS city driver driving in the snow!
The fact that it was also snowing got the kids even more excited that he was off because that meant snow day that included dad! We figured the snow would taper off during the day, but boy were we wrong! It ended up snowing until darkness fell. We did however drive to Cherry hill where we ended up eating at the Bistro for lunch, and then headed back home on the freeway where traffic was slow. Luckily there were no accidents, and we made it home in time for the kids to play in the snow! 
Lexie had some energy in the beginning to play, but after eating lunch 45 minutes away from home conked out as soon as she saw her bed. Chelsea and Noah are like the energizer bunny, and had enough stamina to venture out in our yard next to the holly trees where they found themselves improvising, and discovering ways in how to maneuver their way around on a saucer in the snow. 
They went on playing until about 6pm. Basically until my fingers were numb to the bone, hence the blurry photos! I had to constantly go in and out of the house to warm up, and luckily Jon captured a few shots of us, and these crazy kids doing some funky stunts in front our house on the steps. 
Luckily I'm a cool mom, and I didn't yell too much when they were doing that! After awhile their feet, face, and hands became like ice, and wanted to go inside! I was surprised that they lasted as long as they did being that it was 11 degrees! 

Yep...winter has definitely arrived! Happy January guys! 

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