Friday, January 27, 2017

A Good Reminder When It Comes To The Temple.

After experiencing such hardship in her life one of my oldest daughters dear friends who helped her look at the temple in a different perspective said to her...

"You need to look for the blessings in going to the temple. You should treasure the fact that you are worthy to go in, and you can perform the ordinances special to the Kingdom of God. It's not something you should get over with, it's not like going to work every day, plastering a smile on your face hoping you can get through the day without ripping someones head off. It's the temple, the House of the Lord, and we need to treat it as such. Every time we go in should be amazing to us each time, as if it were our first time going in our lives." 

I have thought a lot about that quote since the new year started, and sometimes a look back on an old post, a spiritual, positive quote on pinterest, or reading the scriptures can help me realize that the temple is a place where we can go to better ourselves. To better our actions, thoughts, and even our words. I have been guilty too many times in leaving the temple and then the next day getting upset at one of my kids, at someone for driving too slow, or getting impatient in line at the store. Not good. Not good because I want to bring goodness, and kindness to all. Especially my family members. Sometimes family members are the ones we hurt the most. Whether it's me getting hurt, or vice versa. But no more. I don't want to be "that family member" that does such a thing. One thing I've learned about the gospel is that the atonement applies to every single one of us, and attending the temple always brings me more peace in understanding that, but most of all never forgetting that the atonement is an important factor when it comes to being a true christian. I want my kids to know, and recognize that feeling of goodness, and light when they attend too. And to stay with it. I'm so grateful that my oldest daughter has gone through the temple, and that the rest of my kids have a goal in receiving their own special gift when they enter in too!
I know that because of my imperfections that I can go to the temple to gain faith in helping me better myself through those trials. I love the temple, and always notice a change in me when I attend. Especially since I've been going more frequently. I find that I'm more patient, calm, and kinder to my kids, and really take in the blessings of the temple. I love how I feel when i leave, and even before I enter in. Jon always has a huge smile on his face when I tell him how excited I am to be going, and with him! It's a thoughtful place to be especially when there is an issue that I am struggling with. I love the focus that it brings, and the sometimes instant answers that I receive from the spirit. It's an amazing feeling that brings assurance back into my life, and a great way to start out any day of the week! 

I really appreciate Nathan's words when I re-read this post. He reminded me of myself when I first went through the temple. When I lived back in Utah I remember attending once a week after entering in for the first time, and even though I caught the vision, and how important the temple is, it's easy to forget "the why" when one doesn't go enough. It's real easy to forget how wonderful the temple really is if we don't go enough, especially when our mind is focused on "getting it over with" like it's something we have on the "to do list" instead of going for a true purpose. It truly is a sacred place that deserves special attention, and a listening ear because once it's our time to pass on from this world, it's important to know all that we have learned when it comes to the temple!

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