Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Recap of 2016!

Since Sierra arrived on the 21st there was no time to take pictures, and send them out in time for Christmas. So our Christmas cards turned into new years cards. However, I did send a card out to a few folk with a photo of all of us from 2015, and because we still look the same and haven't changed too much felt it wouldn't hurt to use. Luckily, my good friend Maggie came to our rescue and captured some pretty nice shots of my crew on Christmas day, and i think they turned out pretty good being that they were taken with an iPhone! 

I've also included a recap of 2016...

One of the biggest changes that occurred this year was moving to a whole new town which meant a different house, different schools for the kids, and new friends for us all. Although we are still in the same state Central jersey is quite different from south jersey, and in many ways a plus. I love this part of jersey, the neighborhood, and church congregation. One thing that keeps us hopeful, grounded, and at ease is the fact that no matter where we move we always have an LDS church to attend. Just know that our life is far from perfect, and that we learn from our trials, but are so grateful to God that helps us keep our crazy life in order! 

Sierra (21) Decided to forego a church mission to concentrate on her studies. She is a student at Utah Valley University where she is a literary studies/english major. Although she didn't pursue her music she continues to play piano, and make music when she can. She will always love playing the piano!

Lexie (16) Junior in high school. Violinist, tennis player, AP student, is the Laurel President in her sunday school class, and even though her studies keep her super occupied she still manages to read for days. She has adjusted well in her new school, and has made some great friends both at church and school. Inspirational activities for her in 2016 included attending EFY in Kirtland, Ohio where she saw the church history sites, and going on a pioneer trek expedition in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. It looks like she'll be doing it again this year since our church here in jersey will be doing one this July! Lucky her! 

Chelsea (11) 6th grader, tennis player, loves her choir class, plays piano but has her heart set on playing the cello, and wishes to get one for her 12th birthday which is in 13 days! She too has adjusted very well with the move, and has made good friends. 
Noah (7) 1st grader, plays piano, tennis, and wants to take a fencing and gymnastics class too. He enjoys reading, playing with legos, and loves arts, crafts, and drawing transformers, and spiderman. He's also become obsessed with nutcrackers and would love to watch it in NYC this year! 

I continue to be a "work from home" mom. It's nice to have some "me" time, but oh how I miss having a little one at home. Serving in the nursery at my church helps my baby fix. I also volunteer at Noah's school when needed. 

Jon is going on his third year as a city driver for UPS, and still enjoys it (except when it rains!) He is also a sunday school teacher at our church, and teaches Noah's class which can be a pro and a con because Noah thinks he can get away with anything! 

Trips for us this year included going trips all over New England, a road trip to the Hartford temple open house in Connecticut, D.C., Kirtland, Ohio, lots of trips to NYC, to play, and go to museums. With Jon's work schedule it's hard to get the weeks he would like to take time off during the summer so we can go further, but in all honesty the trips we take that are closer to home simplify our life, and are grateful to live in an area where there are so many states close for us to drive, and venture out too.

This move has sure been a blessing in our lives. I have learned that no matter where we move there's always a purpose for that move. Another great blessing for our family, and people living in the Philadelphia area is having a new LDS temple built closer to us which gives us more opportunity to attend.

Here's hoping that everyone has goals, and dreams to achieve. Here's to hope, peace, love, sharing, caring, and giving of our time to what is important. Life is way too short to take things for granted, so here's to appreciating life, family, and friends a little bit more this year, and to making the best of each day in 2017! 

Happy New Year everyone, and if you'd like to read more about our day to day just keep reading this blog! Really appreciate those that do! 


**You can also read some of my recap of 2015 here.

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