Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Farewell To Elder Johnson.

First and foremost I'd like to say that all missionaries from our church serving all over the world are amazing, and that i've met some who are super awesome. It's very rare that I write about a missionary who served in our church, (unless your my husband, Sisters Barton, Ricks, Moeia, Nichols, Jensen, LeFevre, Nutting, and my fave...Stacie, but I'd be remiss if i didn't add Elder Johnson to my list.

After serving the Lord for two years here in Jersey Elder Johnson flies back home today to his hometown in Utah. He served in our church for two years, and was one of the most hardworking, caring, genuine, helpful, and thoughtful elder missionaries. Out of those two years we knew him for six months. We frequently had him over for dinner with three different companions. We never grew weary of his presence, heck, we never grow weary of missionaries presence period! Aside from dinner, we always looked forward to the messages he'd bring, and how he and his companion (particularly Elder Jordan) would both share their thoughts, and ask us questions in regards to the message. I always find it a strength when they do, and helps me to relearn anything I need strengthening in, or need to hear again. Ever video they share bonds us together in unity with my family, and after they leave we always have a discussion of what the missionaries had shared with us. I love that we are such a close family, and that we always find a way to get over the hard days that we sometimes have in the day to day. Especially with the kids, but knowing that we have the missionaries over our home helps not only me and Jon as parents to continue to teach our children the truthfulness that this gospel holds, but that our children also learn, and realize that what they are being taught at home is true, and something that will benefit them in their daily life. 
It is always such a joy when we have the missionaries over our home. It had been a long time since we had elder missionaries. We always had sister missionaries in the church back in south jersey, and that was great too, but having the elder missionaries helps Noah at a young age see how fun it is to be a missionary, and how important the messages they bring are to us. I love that Noah asks every sunday if the missionaries are coming over, and how he looks forward to seeing them in our home. He loves that they are "cool" and that they are into superheroes and transformers. Aside from eating, and playing, sharing a message in our home about the Savior, and life eternal is always the core of our visit. We will miss Elder Johnson dearly, and wish him the best, but are lucky to still have Elder Jordan in our congregation! 
Good luck Elder Johnson, and hope that all you will always carry your mission in your heart, and never forget it. Take it with you wherever you go especially at college, and use those experiences to help you in your future. We also hope that you will easily transition back into the world! 

For those of you who are interested in knowing who the missionaries are, and the message they share contact me via email, or you can contact them through this website! 

Have a great day folks! 

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