Friday, April 28, 2017


(Sighing) Why does my little boy have to grow up so fast! As much as I try to keep up, and remember the things he says that make us laugh I can't help but to just lock those moments in my brain rather than kill my brain to remember them so I can write them down! He continues to make me laugh, and smile, and sometimes even cry good tears because he's about the sweetest  boy I've ever met! I'm so crazy about him, and I'm hanging on to every moment we spend alone together. Winter almost had me with the crazy weather we were having, but once spring creeped in with those tulips, and blossoms, and with Noah in my life reminded me that seasons change, and dreary weather doesn't last forever. 

Love spring, and Noah's musings have been nothing but amusing! I racked my brain as to remember some of the silly things he said so here they are:

While running errands on an empty stomach, and because Princeton has fabulous restaurants wanted to grab a bite to eat, and noah says to me, "mom, you should have eaten something at home." He totally mocked what I tell him when he wants to go get something to eat! 

While waiting for our pizza, "why is it taking hundreds of hours to make it!"

While walking on Nassau street in Princeton which is a busy, busy street Noah says, "Mom, are we in the city. I said, "no, we are still in Jersey. Noah, "Are we in new york?" I said, "No Noah, we are still in Jersey. It looks like a mini new York because of all the people, and shops on the street." He said, "oh, that's why it didn't take us a long time to get here." 

After Noah got over his sickness he said, "my tummy is telling me not to eat cereal or oatmeal because I'll throw up. So just give me sprite mom,  just sprite." He sure knows how to get to me!

After buying five pounds of purple seedless grapes at a great price Noah said, "green grapes are "delicious" than the purple ones mom."

After picking up food from Chick-fi-la, "Mom, I wanted chocolate milk, and you got me lemonade. Jon overheard while he was in the bathroom, and said, "ah noah you'll live." Noah, "I'm gonna die!" 

There are times when both Noah and Chelsea will bicker in the car on long road trips, and because Noah was excited to go on an easter egg hunt told Chelsea, "Stop! don't ruin my perfect day!

"When we went to Roosevelt Island for our easter egg hunt noah spotted a girl sunbathing in her bra, and he said, "Close your eyes mom, close your eyes. You too dad!"

Oh the things our children say are really something. Sometimes they can educate us, sometimes they don't make any sense, and sometimes they make us laugh! 

And in between the lectures, and reprimanding, this kid of mine makes me smile, and laugh every dang day! 

Happy weekend! 

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