Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Teaching Noah.

After serving in the nursery for the past nine months at my church I am now serving as a teacher in the primary. The best thing about this particular calling is that Noah is in this class so having him as one of my students makes it extra special. Especially since he'll be turning eight in three months! There have been many times where I have pretty much taught all my girls when I used to teach in the past whether it was in the nursery when Chelsea was a toddler, in primary when Sierra was five, and in the Young women with Lexie, but this is the first time where I'll be teaching Noah true principles of Christ through lessons in a church setting. 

Last Sunday was my first time teaching his class, and it went pretty well. I let the kids know who I am as a person, and as Noah's mother, and how I wasn't raised in this church and going to primary so I hope that even at this young age they will somewhat realize, and understand how important it is for them to learn more about The Savior, and Heavenly Father's plan as to what the purpose of our life is. 

I know they will not grasp onto everything they are taught right away, and because these children are ages seven/eight are still fresh as to everything that is being taught to them by us, and by their parents at home. I know that as parents constantly keeping that routine of day to day prayer, and scripture study in the home (which I need to get better at!) truly helps these little ones appreciate the gospel. Even if we miss a few days of not reading scriptures it puts me at ease when Noah pulls out his book of Mormon heroes books, and hero figurines, and starts reading and reenacting certain stories. That has really been teaching him more about the prophets in the Bible, and Book of Mormon. 
I love the innocence these kids still have within them. How young, and lucky they are to have this special gift in their life which is learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope that I will do my part in helping them know how fortunate they are even at a young age to have the truthfulness that the Book of Mormon has in their life, and that in return my son will remind me of my innocence and guide my hand so that I can be "like a little child again" relearning all the basics about Jesus. 

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