Monday, August 7, 2017

Sunday in Dumbo & The Brooklyn Flea Market!

Having the Ross's visit New York all the way from Utah was a perfect excuse to skip church and meet up with them this past Sunday. We hadn't seen them since 2004 back when we were neighbors living in our tiny basement apartments in Sugarhouse. The only kids we had back then were Sierra, Lexie, and Trace, and now we have four kids each! I can't believe how fast time flew for our kids and to see both Lexie and Trace as teenagers together was surreal because the last time they saw each other Lexie was four, and Trace was two! It was so nice getting current pictures of this gem of a family! 

Time flew and the Ross's headed out to Rhode Island where they used to live, and we stayed behind and played around all day in Dumbo. We decided to take advangtage of checking out the Brooklyn Flea Market. They only set up on the weekends and since we've never been decided to take advantage and venture out. We really try hard not to spend money on Sundays, and keep the day simple, but because it is summer, and we were visiting friends who flew all the way from Utah decided what the heck, lets just enjoy this day without feeling guilty! I realized that there is nothing wrong with window shopping, and just having a nice time as a family. 
We walked all over Dumbo, and got a kick of everything vintage at the flea market. My kids are learning a lot about antiques, and they have become a fan of all things vintage! 

We love this city so much that I think I managed to capture every angle of the Manhattan bridge. I couldn't control my hand as my camera kept snapping away at anything random. I love seeing my kids in a happy state of mind, and when they come to Brooklyn they absolutely love it. Lexie prefers Brooklyn over Manhattan, and I have to admit I agree with her. We love magical Manhattan, but there is something unique about Brooklyn that I can't even describe. I feel free, and relaxed. Not rushed, or hustled. Maybe it's because it's more family oriented, but we always have a ball when we come here, and at the end of the day that's all that matters. Relaxing, and fun! 

 Noah's noahism of the day, "Mom, when school starts up again, can I just go to school here?" 

We checked out the Empire stores which is pretty new, and it truly is the coolest building in Dumbo. They did a lot of remodeling this past Spring, and we all went up to the balcony to check out the views from the top! Noah is looking down at Jane's carousel, and so we decided to bite the bullet in breaking the sabbath, and pay the two bucks for the kids to ride it! We've ridden this thing millions of times, and it never gets old!
 The more Noah rides a horse on the carousel the more he is beginning to act like one! 
We absolutely love this city, and were so blessed to have seen wonderful friends in the city we love the most. It's true what they say, "Build bridges with people as it may lead somewhere unexpected, and beautiful." 
And this day definitely described that quote perfectly! 

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