Monday, July 31, 2017

CHIHULY'S Artwork At The New York Botanical Garden.

Venturing out with Noah all last week was such a treat, and we had so much fun. Ending our week by going to the New York Botanical Gardens to see Chihuly's artwork was the icing on the cake, and a perfect end to our mommy and son dates! The work of Chihuly is breathtaking! I remember looking at some of his pieces in a book at a library when I was in my teens. I remember how he sculptured everything in waves, and how it reminded me of my curly hair! The fact that he too has a head of hair on him helped me realize that I wasn't the only one with bushy hair! Art, and books were my escape from my sometimes not so happy times as a youth, and I will forever be grateful for Chihuly who helped me cope with things that were sometimes difficult to handle! 

We spent the entire day walking all over the garden making sure we didn't miss any of the sculptures! I can only imagine how these sculptures reflect at night! I'm sure it's amazing! Noah was in awe of his blown glass installations. I can't believe we walked the entire garden on a day with no breeze,  just mugginess! As long as we had our water, and snacks we didn't mind galavanting around this beautiful garden surrounded by Chihuly's artwork. I captured way to many photos with Noah as my child model. We were both so intrigued by every display in this garden! These pictures don't do it justice! You seriously have to come  here to get the full effect of how these installations look in person! Also, beware of my camera because it wouldn't let me stop taking pictures! 

This is called "white tower with Fiori." Absolutely beautiful! 

"Red reeds on logs"- I love the color red, and this was such a cool display! 
this is called the "Sapphire Star"
Scarlet and yellow icicle tower. This was a favorite! 
 White belugas! Noah said these looked like light bulbs. 
There was a children's garden that had a maze, and musical instruments that you can play with. Noah tried to view birds from the telescope and just had a nice time walking around amongst the flowers. He just informed me that hydrangeas are his favorite too! 

The floating boat gallery was the best. I love the Chihuly balls on the canoe, and the stained glass. I can only imagine how this display looks like at night!
Like I said, it was a perfect end to our week, and now that his sisters are home from camp time it's time to spend time with them before summer ends! Love, love our summer so far! 

Hope y'all have a great week folks! 

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