Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Simple Day Trip To Philly!

When we moved to Jersey nine years ago I remember the first thing we did was going on a lot of day trips! A lot!! I remember the first few months of living here we went to New York a couple times which included going to the Bronx Zoo, statue of liberty, and seeing Wicked on broadway. We also went to the D.C. Temple right away, and the National Zoo, and also went back to familiar territory in New England where we have family still living there.
But the place we went to the most because we literally lived 20 minutes away from was Philadelphia. I can't even begin to tell you how many times we've been to the please touch museum, Franklin Institute, and Independence Hall, and numerous museums. Too many times to count, but it was always a fun treat to take the kids. Smith park has become a favorite, and of course the Philadelphia LDS temple. We now live 45 minutes away from the city of brotherly love, but that doesn't stop us from spontaneously going there for the day. Especially when one still has her orthodontist appointments in South Jersey! We love, love the east coast and despite of the hustle and bustle it brings we always, always make time for family day trips. 
Yesterday we walked around the city for a bit and discovered some beautiful murals along Broad, and Lombard streets. They were so cool, and because this was a favorite took a few photos of the kids with it. There are so many murals all over Philly, but because we had to get our van checked out by our mechanic who is in Philly didn't have too much time to walk around as I'd like. Lunch at Spring Garden which is a fave, walking our food off for a bit, seeing the mechanic which took about half an hour (thank goodness!) and venturing out to the Smith park for two hours followed by eating at one of our favorite burger places which are only located in Pennsylvania (Zac's please move to north jersey!) pretty much summed up our day today. 
The best thing about this day was the fact that Jon was off, and I'm so glad he was because the kids really, really love it when he is home. After seeing this particular video and this photo I think you see why. 

He truly is the best dad ever! 
Besides the tire swing the wooden slide is the kids absolute favorite! They automatically make friends, and all slide down together. I tried to count how many times they slid down, and I stopped at six. Too. Much. Fun!
There was much laughter today, and giggles all around that Noah literally almost peed his pants!! Kids are easy to please. Well, at least my kids are. I'm so happy that they find joy in the simple things that we do. 
Day trips have always been a favorite, and I'm so happy to be bringing back those days of when we had so many when we first moved here. 

Who needs to go out of the country when there is so much to do in this world. Particularly on the east coast!

And the kids have proved to me that staycations, and simple day trips are truly the best.  

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