Thursday, August 31, 2017

Preparing For Back To School.

We have one more week until school steals these kids away from me for six hours a day! I can't believe the time has come for school to resume, and in all honesty I'm not quite ready for it. Living in the east where winters can last longer would love for summer to last a little longer. Plus I've been enjoying spending my time with these kiddos, but I feel that one major reason why I don't want school to start so soon is that time with Lexie is running out! 

This will be her last year of high school, and next summer will be her last one with us where she won't have any major obligations (no more summer homework!) Although she loves learning, and school she has been saying that she isn't quite ready to leave home which means she loves me (insert smile emoji here.) She is excited to further her education after high school graduation, but at the same time really values family time. I love how she feels that way because most kids wouldn't say that! We have had our ups, and downs in the past 17.5 years of her life, but in all honesty we've had more ups with this girl. It would be nice if time would stop for just a bit so that we can all spend more time together. However, we are excited for what the future holds for her, and where she's going to college is a bit undecided at the moment, but I know that whatever, and wherever she decides to go, and pursue she'll be just fine!

We are pretty much getting back in the routine of going to bed a bit early. These kids have had summer homework, and got it done weeks ago! Although bed time will be a bit early our last days of summer are going to be filled with simple outings, and watching a few dvd's. Summer truly is the only time where we get to spend time as a family. With the kids busy school schedule it's impossible to sometimes do anything during the week, and sometimes even on the weekends. I am grateful for the trips we have been taking over the summer, and for Lexie to have attended BYU for a week to experience classes in a college setting. She truly is amazing. Hopefully she won't have too busy of a schedule throughout her senior year so we can take advantage of our time together before she leaves me next fall. All of the kids work so hard in their academics that they deserve all the fun that summer brings. 

I will definitely miss summer. 

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