Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Day Trip To Doylestown & The Kids Castle!

If I ever moved to Pennsylvania where I wanted some major peace and quiet the one place I would probably choose to live would be in Bucks County. There have been many, many times we have driven to Easton whether it's to go to the Crayola factory, or eat at Cici's pizza, and driven past Doylestown, but never stopped. Like Mystc in Connecticut, there are many quaint shops to shop at, and great restaurants to eat in. 

And this amazing playground! 
The kids castle is a three foot castle where kids pretty much terrorize each other by playing tag, and going down the slide in twos or even threes! My kids were in heaven when they saw it. Luckily Chelsea is young enough to play inside, but that didn't prevent any of us from going in with them. That is until I realized there were some tight spots that Jon &  I couldn't fit through! Chelsea guided Noah the entire time, and played there for about two hours. I captured quite a few moments of their excitement while playing, and because it was such a cool castle took a bit more for good measure! 

These kids could have played all day without eating lunch, but because most of the shops closed at 6, and  wanted to browse a bit before they closed. We walked around, and browsed through some shops, including a bookstore, and a record store. 
Spending the day in Doylestown was very relaxing, and the shops reminded me of the ones on Nassau street in Princeton. Noah wanted to go inside every store that had books, or toys. We were also deciding on where to eat, because some places seemed a little too small for a family of five! Then we saw a sign that read Mesquito Grille BBQ, and because it's summer we opted to eat there! 
As you can see in the background there was a tennis match going on, and Lexie couldn't take her eyes off the screen, while her sister was devouring most of the food. I honestly think Lexie would rather play tennis than eat, but she did eat! 
And it was soooooo good! Not as good as Willard's, but I'll give it four stars. 

Simple day trips like this are really fun, and I'm so happy to see the kids enjoying themselves. 
And it only took a huge playground, and a walk around Doylestown for them to enjoy, and leave with a smile on their face! 

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