Saturday, December 17, 2011

Scenes of Santaland

It was a magical time at Santaland this past week, and Noah and Chelsea sat comfortably on Santa's lap. This year we arrived when the lines were super long, and my two oldest missed out on seeing Santa. 

They didn't mind.
 It's not as if they've never experienced Santaland before... 

 Of course when Noah was one he was looking at Santa as if he didn't know what he was talking about, but then seemed as if he was paying close attention to the words of Old St. Nick.

Santaland at Macy's in NYC, circa 2010

They didn't have much to say to Santa this year. I was very surprised with Chelsea. She only has about five things on her list and only mentioned one...dress up clothes, and the only words that came out of Noah's mouth were "choo choo", and "train".

We always enjoy going to Santaland at Macy's in New York during Christmas. We don't mind the crowds, and the 30 degree weather that comes with it. If you don't mind driving long distances or driving period, you won't mind driving in New York City traffic. I'll warn you that patience is a must! It doesn't matter if everyone in the world spends Christmas in New York, and that we go at the busiest time of the year.
 the look on these two PRICELESS!

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