Monday, May 4, 2015


This past Saturday as a pre-Mothers Day gift we ventured out to New York to see the blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and they were absolutely beautiful! This was a last minute trip as our middle daughter had a youth temple trip to D.C. I hate the fact that I'm getting used to my two oldest daughters being away, and super busy, especially when one lives so far away. Lexie is headed down that path, and before I know it she'll be heading off to college too! But for today I enjoyed my time with these two kiddos, and next time we come to New York I'll make sure Lexie is with us. 
Everything was pink! I have become obsessed with blossoms lately. I swear I've taken a picture of every single blossom, and magnolia tree all over the Garden State. This particular garden has so many japanese blossoms, and they even have a section where you feel as if you're in Japan. Not that I've been, but this garden is unique in it's own, and is in a comfortable pocket of Brooklyn. 

The kids had so much fun walking around, looking at all the pretty flowers. Noah attempted to pick off a blossom from a tree, and handed it to me. That's what you get when you have him sitting on papa's shoulders standing right underneath a tree. 
There were moments when the kids were running around, and relaxing on the grass for a moment. There were so many people, and I highly recommend coming on a weekday morning when it's not as packed. Nonetheless we managed to walk the whole garden, and had ourselves a grand time. 

^^^We even found an arch where the kids stood and made some funky poses, and funny faces ^^^

It's a good thing I don't mind crowds because like I said it was super packed. Apparently on the first Saturday of the month they have all kinds of events going on all over Prospect Park. Luckily parking is cheap, and that the kids got in free. We will definitely come back on another month perhaps in the summer as there were many flowers that weren't in bloom yet such as the rose garden. 
^^^ It was a happy "pink" day for all of us with spring finally showing off her true colors. ^^^

Happy Monday friends! 

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