Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Even though I scrapbooked this moment when Sierra used to dance folklorico years ago looking back at these photos is bittersweet. She started ballet, and dancing when she was five, and danced until she was in the 7th grade, but ever since music was introduced to her in the second grade she tried to keep up with both, but in the end music took over life. I'm sure there are moments when she misses dancing, but luckily she has these fond memories to fall back on whenever she feels "dance sick."

There are many things I miss about Texas. 

Besides my friends, family, Whataburger, and authentic Mexican food I miss the neighbors I had on Vance Jackson in San Antonio. I'll never forget our dear neighbor Olga who invited Sierra to be a part of their folklorico dances. She was such a sweetheart, and they were the kindest family you'd want as neighbors. The type that would give you their coat on a cold night, lend you their car when yours isn't working, and feed you their last meal. Truly awesome neighbors who were so blessed with very little, yet rich in blessings. 

Her sons are pictured in the photos below, and I wish I knew where they were living right now. I lost touch with them soon after we moved to Utah. Too bad Facebook wasn't around in 2003. I hope to one day reconnect with her, so if any of y'all are familiar with any Valencianas let me know! 

So in honor of Cinco De Mayo, and because I myself am feeling a bit homesick here are some oldies of Sierra dancing from 2003. 
Sierra & Jesus sure had some moves, and it was such a joy watching her dance. Knowing that she loved it because she wanted to do it made me happy. 

And her little sister wanted to be just like her at the time. 
But that moment changed when we moved to Utah when she eyed a purple violin at the tender age of three. 

The rest is history

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! 

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