Thursday, May 28, 2015


After visiting cemeteries, and memorials of our fallen soldiers this past memorial holiday we decided to venture out to Brooklyn afterwards for some much needed ice cream. We figured since we were only 20 minutes away to take advantage and we did just that! We had a craving, and after having lunch at a Chili's restaurant (which was not the best!) I seriously needed to wash that food down with some delicious ice cream. 

Although it was Memorial day and our thoughts were on those who lost their lives we also wanted to have a little bit of fun. One thing I've always taught my kids is whenever there is a holiday that brings significant meaning to our lives to put that first, and then we can have some fun. Last year on Memorial Day we went to Valley Forge to remember, and then ventured out to the beach. This year we went to Brooklyn, and had the kids run around Brooklyn Bridge park to let their wiggles out with all the driving we did.  

It was then when I noticed this stained glass house. 
 Sorry for some of the grainy pictures. Some of these were taken at night, and I haven't quite mastered the editing on my iPhone yet! But the glass house looks awesome when it's lit up at night! 
One thing about new york is that it never disappoints, and every where you go you are going to see some kind of art installation. It was a pretty cool looking glass house, and the stain glass was beautiful. It's a shame that there are a few cracks on some of the glass already. Nonetheless it was nice taking pictures of it with other people photo bombing my photos, but that's what happens when you come to the park in the evening on Memorial Day! 
Like I said...there is always some kind of art installation displayed all over the city, and there was this orange bench play looking thing in which kids were walking on, and climbing underneath. Noah had a blast walking all over it! Hey...anything to make a kid happy right?

The kids continued to play in the park, and my craving was accomplished when I snagged a peaches and cream ice cream cone. The Brooklyn Ice cream factory is delicious and one must never leave Dumbo without having one. 
It was a beautiful day, and in spite of coming home around midnight on a school night the kids made it to school the following morning, and they had a blast. Chelsea, and Noah keep saying, "we should just move here."
Yeah...that would be nice. 

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