Friday, May 8, 2015


I just wanted to take a moment today to express how much appreciation I have for all teachers that have taught my children from preschool to high school to college in the past 20 years. I have four children and throughout all the years of my kids attending public school I have seen how much effort every teacher puts in. I have experienced many types of teachers in different states, and regardless of how they teach, it is amazing how much time, and hard work they put in, and yet don't get acknowledged as much.  

I remember back in the day I would sometimes get a little frustrated with specific teachers because I'm thinking that they're not teaching my child correctly, or they're not doing something right, but then I learned that not every teacher is going to be the same. I learned a lot in my younger years as a young mom of two girls, and now that I'm in my 40's with a toddler, a ten year old, a teenager, and a college girl who is almost 20 I have a better understanding of how much attention, and time they put it in order to give our children the best education possible. 

Living here in New Jersey opened up my eyes with the education system as well as how the teachers are(that's what happens when your kids reach the teenage, and college years),and I seriously try to get involved in finding ways to voice my opinion on certain issues, but at the end of the day it should all be about the child. If there is any way I can help the educators of the world besides my voice is expressing my gratitude to teachers via social media.  

My middle daughter attended the same elementary school as Chelsea, so for the past seven years I can say that they have been blessed with amazing educators here in JerseyI'm specifically enjoying Chelsea's 4th grade teacher this year. 

Ms. Kelly reigns fresh from Pennsylvania and although this is her first year as a "new" teacher in Chelsea's school, she has many years of experience. She is young, hip, and so, so sweet. I knew I was going to like her by the way she presented herself on back to school night, and going to parent/conference is actually fun with her! I can see that she truly loves what she does, and the children. 

She is an example of courage, and stamina. I love the fact that she is a voracious reader, and a huge Harry Potter fan! She has encouraged my child to do better in math, and to not beat herself up when she gets confused with any problem. Her patience in teaching this particular class can be a challenge because I have seen firsthand that they can be a bit rowdy, but at the end of the day Chelsea tells me that she handles them with care, and  without seriously not losing her temper! (Believe me, I have witnessed a teacher yell at young children, and that is never a good thing!) I am really pleased with her teaching skills, and all that she is doing in helping every child reach their potential not only as a student, but as an ordinary person so that they can succeed when they are older. 

Teachers don't always get a lot of recognition for their hard work so thank you! Thank you Ms. Kelly for truly being one of a kind, and for all the time you put in teaching my child correct principles when it comes to teaching. 

Happy Teacher Appreciation week to all the teachers, and have a lovely weekend! 

...and a happy Mother's day to all mothers! 

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