Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I can't believe that my eldest daughter is now 20, that May is almost over, and that summer is just around the corner! Time sure is passing by this mama's life way too quickly, and while I find it exciting, I also find it a bit frightening! I know I've written in the past to live in the present, and not the future, but I can't help to picture what all my kids will be doing in about five years! One thing for sure is that I'll still have these kiddos in school, but I also wonder what I'll be up to at that time. 
The past couple of weeks have just flown, and as I look at the photos i posted on Instagram recently I'll ask myself, "Did this happen six days ago, two weeks ago, last month? I feel as if this happened yesterday!" Do any of you ask yourselves that? It's both amazing, and scary at the same time how time just slips through our fingers! I do enjoy it in some ways because I see my two youngest maturing, and can't wait until they will actually stop picking on each other! I picture Noah, and Chelsea at 11, and 15 talking about school, and Chelsea giving him advice about girls, and how middle school is going to be like. Encouraging him to be a strong, respectful person to girls, and his elders.
This weather we've been having has been a bit unbalanced. Hot, warm, cool, humid, breezy. It's as if spring is trying so hard to stay, yet the season is dying to transition into summer. Doesn't bother me at all. If anything it motivates my kids to be outdoors, and with the weather feeling like summer the kids decided to play some tennis. 

As I was watching Noah, and Lexie practicing tennis the past couple of weeks I was thinking of when Lexie had her first game, and how the season just ended for her. Practice will be starting soon, and Lexie is giving herself a head start in working better on her serve, and backhand swings. Her form is pretty good, but I know that in order for someone to get better you need to practice, practice, practice! She is very competitive (you can tell by the look on her face as she plays), and has a strong love for the sport. I hope she makes the team again, and is paired with a partner that is just as hardworking, and determined as she is. 
My sister insists on us getting a private coach for her, but I'll have to see how much that will cost! Music, and sports are not cheap around here, but you know us parents, we'll do anything for our kids, and when it comes to music, and sports I'll try my very best to accomplish that!
Noah continues to learn, and have fun going to tennis lessons. He is so darn cute! The way he positions himself waiting to have the ball thrown at him, and how he stands waiting to hit the ball is too pro looking. So far he loves it, and I hope he'll continue to stick with it because I believe that tennis is one of the best sports there is in the whole world. You can start learning it at three, and play until your 80 years old!! 
Chelsea is such a good sport. She loves coming with us to watch Noah, and being the "ball girl" on the court when Lexie practices. I could tell that she was feeling a bit left out so we decided to enroll for summer lessons, and she is looking forward to that. 

As much as I enjoy being in my own home, I am loving the warm weather. Being outdoors with the kids is invigorating, and fun, and believe it or not I don't mind a little bit of sweat (growing up in Texas helped with that adjustment!) That's part of spring turning into summer, and being a mom. Running around with the kids trying to keep up with them, and just having a grand time. 

It already feels like summer, and also feel that this summer is going to keep me on my toes.'s going to be a good one! 

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