Monday, May 25, 2015


My life as a mom. Oh how I love it so much. I sure am going to miss the euphemisms, and sayings that come out of Noah's mouth all the day long. There have been weeks when Jon has only worked 3 days, and he's gotten in the habit of always saying,  "Mommy, daddy's not working today? He only has one job right? And how many packages does he deliver today?"

This kid is definitely getting taller, and stretching like a piece of laffy taffy. He can't quite reach the cupboards yet, but he sure is an independent kid to the point where he asks, "can someone please make me some cereal...pleeeeeeassssssseeeee", and when no one seems to be helping him fast enough he will drag a chair and eventually get it himself. 

It's scenarios like that in which I don't want him to grow taller. I said to him the other day, "Noah, please don't grow up, can you please stay little?" His response, "but I can't mom. I have to get taller so I can reach the cereal."

So lately there have been days when I'm in the mood for McDonald's because the smell of it just smells so good as we drive by it. It has come to a point where I'm sick of it, and one afternoon after picking up the girls from school I asked if they wanted to grab a bite. Noah of course said, "I want McDonald's." Me: "McDonald's again...that's disgusting." Noah: "no it's not dizzzguzzzting, it's sooooooooo gooooooooood."

Noah has been watching too many Transformers movies lately, and has been mocking Stanley Tucci lately by saying, "Death is on our tail, death is on our tail. I don't want to do die like this!" Over, and over again!! Definitely need to wean him from that!  

Noah is losing his second tooth on the bottom (insert frown face here), and yesterday he said, "Not again! I want my tooth to stay inside!"

And last, but not least this morning I was checking my statuses, and looking at photos when Noah jumps on my bed and asks, "What are you looking at?" I said, "pictures of you that I took at church yesterday." Noah: "Can I see?"  I then proceeded to show pictures of him and all he kept saying was, "that's me at church with the balls, can I press it? Can I press "me" to make the picture bigger?" 
Such a ham, and I love him so! 

Hope y'all have a wonderful Memorial Day with the ones you love!

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