Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Attending the art shows at the elementary school is something i've always looked forward to ever since we moved to Jersey. This is my seventh art show I've attended, and it just gets better and better with each passing year. Maybe I'm just saying that because I'm bias, and my kids have a knack for the arts, or maybe it's because I see the talent that all these kids have with their imaginations in drawing, and creating pictures. It's pretty cool to see different types of character when it comes to art among the students, and makes me happy that the teacher(s) who help put on this show each year never grows weary of their job. They make the time to carefully organize and display such a beautiful work of art all over the school. Truly takes a lot of effort, patience, and lots of love!! 

Ms. Czbas who is going on her fifth year of teaching art to elementary students is an amazing teacher. She is so gifted in her talents. She was my oldest daughter's eighth grade drama teacher when we first moved here! Crazy how time flies and now she's teaching my younger kids art! 

This year each student had two works of art on display with over 1000 pieces covering the walls of the hallways. We most definitely took the time to see each piece of art. We laughed, smiled, "oohed, and awed" as we were looking at the paintings. 

Really interesting minds, and pretty cool art that these kids portrayed. 

Here a few pieces that were among my favorites...

All the fourth graders (including mine) created their collage by using cut-paper to create their own look of Pablo Picasso's abstract painting...The Three Musicians. 
This was the work of third graders. I captured a photo of Chelsea as she was passing the "The Tree of Life." I thought it was so springy and pretty with the different colored butterflies. It's adapted by Gustav Klimt's tree of life.

And some of these were just too cool not to photograph.  
^^^ Music makes her happy. ^^^
 Some of these were just the coolest such as the 'Listerine' drawing done by Gabriel, the 'McDonald's' french fries, and jolly rancher drawings. 
These paintings, and drawings all put a smile on my face. I see Chelsea's reaction when she was showing us her artwork, and can tell that it helps her escape from reality. She loves the arts, and anything to do with coloring, and drawing. I always find joy, and comfort whenever I attend an art show. Whether the work is done by a professional or by elementary kids it is worth the time to go. 

There is no boredom when it comes to art! 

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