Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The month of may has, and will always be a special month for me for a number of reasons. It is the month I converted my life to the Lord, and joined this church, but an even more special month having my first daughter being born. It's also special because it's the birthday month of this great man who passed on way too soon. A man who was like a father to me. 

His name was Joe.

Today would have been his 66th birthday. And today I want to celebrate him by remembering all the good that he brought into our family. He was one of the greatest father figures I've ever known, and an amazing "grandpa" to my girls. The way he treated my mom was something out of a love/comedy film because he always made her laugh .and even though they had their ups and down like all couples do they always ended with a laugh. I think that's why I found their relationship so ideal & somewhat a good way!
Memories of him will always stay with me, and till this day I know he's watching us from above. Helping us out through someone else. Looking down at our girls praying that they continue to live a good life, and probably wishing that he met Noah. 

I believe that there no coincidences in this life, and since his death I've had amazing experiences where someone has helped us out whether physically, or by simply doing a good deed, and i want to share a couple of those experiences today. 

About a month after Joe passed on Jon and I were trying to decide whether to have lunch at Sonic or Chick-fi-le. We decided to have Chick-fi-le. We continued to wait in the drive thru, and when it was our turn to pull up the lady at the window told us to not worry about paying that our meal has been paid for. I was in awe because that just doesn't happen very often. So when she gave us the food she also gave us a business card of the person who paid for our meal.  His name was "Joe" and he was a pastor from a church. You can imagine me reaction. My husband said to me, "that was not a coincidence, he's watching out for you from above."

This past winter I was helping out a friend by taking her out an important errand. My van began to overheat, and I had to pull onto the side of the road to let it cool down. Now mind you I'm in Jersey, it's freezing cold outside, and it's 8:oo in the morning! My girlfriend and I wondered who the heck is going to stop, and help us at this ungodly hour in a borough where everyone is asleep. Well what do you know here comes a car pulling behind mine, and this older man probably in his 50's steps out of his vehicle offering to help. He looked underneath our hood, and noticed that the pipe which allows the water and antifreeze to flow through is frozen and is blocking the fluids to flow through. Amazingly he had some antifreeze, and water in his trunk. He waited with us long enough to make sure that the needle went down to the middle of th gauge, and that it was not staying on "H". I was so grateful to him, and still couldn't believe that he stopped for us. I had a few dollars, and wanted to give it to him for helping us, but he refused to take it. I thanked him, and while shaking his hand asked him what his name was. He said "I'm Joe." My eyes got watery, and continued to express my gratitude to him. He went on his merry way. As i got back in the car my girlfriend asked what's wrong because the tears began to stream down. I explained to her that every time I'm in need of something the person having to help us have been named Joe. She thought that was pretty cool. 

I know that Joe is watching over us, and his loved ones. He truly is an angel behind the curtain helping us out in times of need. With the help of Heavenly Father those blessings continue to come down. While living on this earth Joe was a compassionate, giving kind of man with an amazing heart. 

And I firmly believe that it's even bigger up in the heavens. 

Happy Birthday Joe.

Go on...continue to celebrate with the angels. 
And God continue to be with you until we meet again. 


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