Monday, May 11, 2015


Over Mother's day weekend Jon decided to take me to New York alone without the kiddos. So after Noah's tennis lesson we got ourselves ready and headed out. We left pretty late in the day, and arrived in the city around 3pm, but still managed to do some of the things we wanted to do. We walked all over Manhattan for hours, and just enjoyed our time alone. To be honest it felt kind of weird because we are so used to having the kids with us when we come to the city, but nonetheless had a grand time!  
We hung around the the Flat iron district, and being that it was the month of may we had "a taste" of Madison Square eats. We didn't get to try out too many foods because we had already had lunch in jersey, but oh my gosh everything looked delicious. I bought a few corn cookies from Milk (my new favorite cookie), and Jon tried out a pork empanada. I had a taste of it too, and and it was pretty good. They are only here during the month of may so if you're in the area I would recommend coming hungry so you can try out some of the foods! 
 Besides the cookies I spotted a Wafels & Dinges truck, and we had ourselves a throw down, and da bomb. 
We then walked around Madison Square Park where they have a new art installation, and it's pretty amazing. They always have different art put in every few months, but this particular one will hang around the park at least until the winter months. 
And then I saw the playground. They say to never talk about the kids while on on a date with your spouse, but I couldn't help to not talk about them since this is Noah & Chelsea's favorite playground. It only lasted until we left the park! 
The weather was pretty perfect considering it looked like Gotham for a bit with the fog lingering high in the sky, but there was no rain, and I managed to capture a few photos of this city that I love so much. 
 ^^^ We also noticed more art in front of Central Park, and this particular art was called "Desire Lines." ^^^
^^^ Fallon...enough said. ^^^
We ended the day in the city with a carriage ride through Central park. It was so relaxing, and even though we didn't have the kids with us we still had them in our hearts.'s dates like this that strengthen our marriage, and helps us love a little harder. 

Hope you're Mother's day weekend was filled with a lot of love!! 

Happy Monday! 

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