Friday, May 29, 2015


Although it's still technically spring it definitely feels like summer, and I have been in a mood with the weather we've been having. A cleaning kind of mood. I went to town doing a bit of "spring cleaning a couple of months ago, and this time around I've been tidying up the house a bit by doing more cleaning, and letting go of old clothes that I've had for at least seven years (since we moved from North Carolina) Jeez...I can't believe we've been in Jersey for seven years. Sometimes it seems as if we just got here...sometimes. I'm not a hoarder when it comes to junk, and so if I haven't worn something, or used a gadget in years it goes straight to the donation pile, or if I know someone that can use it I will give it to them. 

Aside from de-cluttering, one thing for sure is that bittersweet moments are happening around the clock in this house. The weeks keep going by faster and faster, and while that's happening the kids keep outgrowing their clothes, and shoes. I was going through Noah's clothes from last spring to see if they still fit him, and luckily some do. It  really feels good to declutter, but not when it comes to my kids  "baby" stuff.

I also found this...
His first onesie you guys!! 

When I showed Noah that this is what he wore when he came home after being born in the hospital he said, "Awe that's cute, and it has dinosaurs on it." I said "yep, it sure does." He continued to hold it, and look at it, and then he said, "I need to grow up to be a baby so I can fit in this." I laughed, and had a sentimental moment, and said to him that he can't grow up to be a baby, and that we are saving it for his future kids. 

After watching this video, especially when you get to 1:48 you'll feel my pain! I honestly don't think I'm going to part with any of his baby clothes. I did get rid of some a while ago, and passed them down to a sister in my church, but the ones he wore when he was a baby i am definitely saving. 

He's a petite kid, but his feet are not! It has come to a point where he can no longer get away with wearing the same size shoe for two years. He was a size 8 last fall, and now his foot is a 10! My five and a half year old growing boy is getting taller, and growing like a weed! There is no way he can wear some of his shoes again including these moccasins which are my favorite!! 
When I found out about these cute moccs two years ago I went to town and bought a few pairs for him. I had a feeling he was going to outgrow them soon, and so the last pair I ordered was a size bigger. Now these moccs stretch, so it's a good thing I upped the size because they fit him perfectly now! Thing is he really loves these moccs and I'm not sure how much longer he can wear them. I'm also debating on whether to buy him another pair or not for when he starts school. Don't think I'll get him 50 million pairs like I did before, but he'll at least own one. They look much cuter on when he was a toddler, but once they are six, seven, and older I don't know. Then again...adults wear different types of moccs so who cares. He looks pretty stylish in them, and he'll only be in school for half a day anyway. 
I definitely won't part with these moccs because they are still in good shape, and no matter how worn in they've become i just can't part with them. Noah's favorite were the red ones, and he literally went to town on those. Look at the cute toe prints!!  I will definitely be saving these for his posterity. 

Same with these saltwater sandals that he's had for two years... 
So far he's still fits in the navy ones, but after summer is over, those will also be going in the bin to be saved. 

It sure was a bittersweet moment going through all of his things, and passing down the last of Lexie's clothes to Chelsea. My two youngest are growing up way too fast. One thing for sure is that in the midst of decluttering those memories came flooding back, and I'm so grateful for memory. "Remember when he wore this", and when Sierra wore that, and now it's Lexie's, and now Chelsea's wearing it" will probably be uttered by my girls. Crazy, and fun memories my kids will have. Luckily I have pictures of the time they all pretty much wore the same clothes. It'll be fun when the girls get together to look at their scrapbooks and read old blog posts, and say, "Hey, that was mine, and I looked better in it" with a bunch of laughs in between. Knowing that some of those clothes I saved will be passed on to their posterity, and cherished for always brings a huge smile to my face. 

 Bittersweet I'm telling you (tear.) 

Happy Friday, and hope y'all have a nice sunny weekend! 

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