Monday, May 18, 2015


When I received a snapchat from Sierra to let me know she received our packages this past Saturday I called, and asked her if she wanted to open them now, or on her official birthday which is today. We both decided since Monday was going to be a busy day for her working, and having a family bbq with friends that she should open them now. We face timed the "mini-birthday" party,  and as she was opening the package the first thing she grabbed was the card we sent. She opened it, sat still for a minute while reading it, and then said, "Can y'all believe you have a 20 year old!!" While I was sitting there in total denial,  Jon's answer was, "yes I do,  I feel old!" LOL! 

Although I embrace my age there are days when I feel young, and energized (having a five year old in your 40's will do that to you). I look forward to Sierra's future, and all that she wants to accomplish. She has some awesome goals, and is very ambitious. She wants to raise the bar with her passion for music, and for her love for God to not just be stagnant, and mediocre, but to increase to the highest of honorable love. And although she wants to be a mom someday she has dreams of being a musician, and inspiring others through her words whether it's through music, or teaching. 

One thing for sure is that this daughter of mine is the greatest. Throughout all the decisions she has made up until now with her schooling, and all that she has endured in the first two years after graduating high school, she has done just that...ENDURED. No matter what life has thrown at her she has managed to overcome all opposition, and stand strong in her beliefs. Knowing that she had to make decisions on her own, and even though some may not have been the greatest she ended up learning from them, and growing into a much stronger spiritual daughter of God. Reading this sweet story also helped my perspective on mothering an adult from long distance, and toddler at the same time!

And because of her example, and standing strong in her faith tells me that I did something right. That all the things she was taught in the church were not just words, but the truth. And she knows that now more than ever.

She knows she's of great worth, and knows why she is living her life in this dispensation. Whatever she decides to do in the next two years we will support her all the way. 

Her "future will truly be as bright as her faith" if she continues to be the way she is. Bubbly, cheerful, forgiving, kind, and loving.  I am so grateful that the words "have courage and be kind" never left my daughter's mind, and I pray that she will continue to teach that to her future posterity when the time comes. 

Happy birthday mamas, and have a fabulous day! You deserve every good deed that comes your way!


momma bear

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