Thursday, May 21, 2015


You'd think that on your days off all you want to do is sleep, and relax, but I personally cannot just hang out in the house all day especially when the weather is too perfect. With Jon driving all day for eight hours delivering at least 250 packages I'm sure all he wants to do on his days off is sleep in, but I don't let him. Okay, maybe just for a little bit until like 9am. Unless you're working graveyard sleep in until late afternoon, but I don't like him sleeping in until noon like a teenager on saturdays! Oh kids don't even do that! Although the forecast called for a few showers we didn't care. Weather in Jersey or particularly in the east is so unpredictable. You never know if it's going to rain, or just be cloudy. Jon and I are spontaneous, and so we both decided to go to the city. We never really plan, and I think that's what makes our marriage unique, and fun because we are not anal when it comes to planning. It would be different if we were planning a trip out of the country like Europe, or Hawaii, but when you live 20 minutes away from Philly who cares. Just go with the flow. 

It's pretty amazing where the day can take you. Since I was craving a sandwich we decided to drive to Potbelly's. Unfortunately the location we normally go to on City ave. closed last October. Has it really been that long since we've eaten there?? Luckily the ones in Center City, and UPenn were still open because man was I was hungry!! 

We were lucky to find a meter to park, and walked around the University of Pennsylvania. To my surprise it was a pretty interesting area. I thought that this area was surrounded with hospitals, and universities, but if you walk around a bit you'll discover that there's the Penn Museum which we are going to check out next time we come, and a lot of old buildings. So yeah...there's quite a bit of history to explore in this part of Philly. I didn't have a lot of battery left on my phone because overtime my snapchat kills it, but I did manage to capture like one or two pictures! Here are a few, and I'll try to caption the photos as I try to write in prose. 

Walking around UPENN was beautiful. I love the architecture of some of the buildings such as the first photo with Noah on Jon's shoulders. I was too hungry to stop and take photos soooooooo this was the only pic i took! 
On our walk back we saw this Benjamin Franklin statue. Apparently it was a gift given to the college from the class of 1906! Wow that's an old gift! 
One cannot leave Philly without driving by, and getting down to walk around the temple site to see how it's coming. The exterior is still being worked on, but look at it!!! It is sooooo close to being completed. It is looking so beautiful, and it's such in a good location that it will definitely attract a lot of tourism. 

As I was walking taking pictures there was a man that stopped next to me, and said, "Wow, that's going to be one good-looking building" I then proceeded to say to him, "I know right, that sure is going to be one beautiful "temple", and right away he went straight to the missionaries that were standing outside the fence of the mini visitors center they have for those who want to know more about the church, and temple site. The sisters beat me to the punch in sharing the gospel with him, but I'm glad that he stopped and talked with them. 

And here's a couple more photos for good measure! 

I absolutely love living in this part of the world, and being so close to different cities, and seeing all kinds of people. When you pay attention to the positive things in life, and ignore any negativity when it comes to any city Philly truly is the city of brotherly love. We love venturing out here on a whim, and Noah just enjoys it. 

I have to note that we are pretty lucky to be living here in between New York, and Philly to continue to venture out into unknown territory. I honestly don't think I could move away from the east! 


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