Friday, May 1, 2015

A Special LDS Broadcast.

Last Sunday a special  broadcast was held specifically for our stake at our church in the eastern region, and i have to say it was one of the best broadcasts I've ever listened to. Regardless of a wiggly Noah, a grumpy Chelsea, and an exhausted Lexie (we arrived late from her jazz band competition the night before) I listened, and really took in the words of all the speakers. 

Linda S. Reeves talked about the full time missionaries, and how some of them on their own motive decided to go home early, because of not "repenting" or not fixing a problem  they had before serving. Those are the best stories because the end is usually a happy one. She talked about how this one missionary came home early, and then 12 months later returned home with honor. He eventually married in the temple, and his family is super active. It reminded me of this young man I know whose circumstances were a bit different, and decided on his own motive to go home early as well. Luckily this friend of my daughters returned back a year later, served, worked hard, and came home honorable! What an amazing example of courage. Like a brand new member working hard to attain all that was taught to them within the church, and striving to live a Christlike life, returning back to the mission field after being home for a year takes a lot of courage, and faith. But the blessings, oh the blessings they will receive will be enormous, and their testimony will be meaningful, and stronger. 

Neil L. Anderson spoke about sharing the gospel, and shared a few stories of people who came into the church. Whether it was through a friend, or a "full time Missionary" they became a member, and are going strong. Sharing the gospel is something that is so important to me. I may have only helped one friend come into the church, but I know that I've planted a lot of seeds in the past 23 years of being a member. We have so many opportunities to share the gospel, and our love for God without being too preachy. I always try to make an effort in striking up a conversation with another mom at the playground (it's that time of year again), or give a compliment to a stranger at the store (weird I know, but you'll be surprised how a compliment can end up with telling someone about the church.) Sharing the gospel can be a bit scary because you have no idea how that conversation will end, but in the end the fact that you shared the gospel leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment knowing that you expressed something so strong that you so fully believe in. 

Robert D. Hales. Oh man is this man amazing. What can I write about his talk... 

It was true, inspirational, and a major wide opener for me! 

He spoke about the family, and the one thing that stood out for me was when he said he has never yelled at his wife, or children. Ever. He's 80 something years old, and has never raised his voice at them. 

And I believe him. 

Me...pffft, I raise my voice at the kids when they are misbehaving, or doing something naughty. It's a weakness that I grew up with as a child, and something that I need to control.  There are moments when I bite my tongue, and after praying hard to Heavenly Father to help me with this my faith kicks in, and I have better days. I notice when I watch an uplifting video of Christ, go back to my old journals when I first joined the church, read my scriptures, pray, or read any article that has goodness my days are awesome, and i seriously don't yell. 

Seriously...I don't yell. 

Attending my meetings every Sunday and partaking of the sacrament also helps me to have a better week, and to treat others with kindness throughout the week. 

Why attend church? 

Because in the end, if I do what is right, I will be rewarded with eternal life, and with a forever family. Attending all my meetings reminds me of the gift, and reward I will get if I continue to do so without any obligation. I also attend to remember. To  remember Him and all that He did for us. To learn, and grow from the lessons, and doctrine that is being taught. To remember the sacrifice Jesus made for me in order to live on this earth with the family that I have. Whether  it's stake conference, general conference, or the stake broadcast that was just held the desire I have to attend no matter how tired I am is firm in my heart. 

Seeing some of my brothers, and sisters that attend assures me that we are all here for the same reason. To be strengthened, unified, and reminded of why we chose to be disciples of Christ. I have made the choice of making my Sundays with less laziness, and more meaning. 

And I'll tell you we had a late night the night before. 

But we were all there as a family...wiggly kids and all, and I'm so glad we did. No matter how tired we are the spirit somehow gives us the energy to get up, and go! 

And I pray that I will never become weary in doing good. 

May your weekend be filled with joy, and kindness! 

Happy weekend! 

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