Friday, June 26, 2015


The day before Father's day we attended what might be Chelsea's last piano recital. She has been playing the piano for four years now, and feels ready to move on to the instrument she's been longing to play since she was six...the cello. 

She has been pleading to play the cello for about a year now, but encouraged her to play piano for just one more year. The piano guys have become one of her favorite bands, and will constantly watch the videos they post on tube. Whenever they post their own rendition of star wars theme songs it keeps Chelsea entertained, and her goal in learning to play the cello become more passionate. 

Ever since Sierra's second grade music teacher told me that she was sight-reading music, as well as playing the keyboard by ear, and recommended us putting her in piano lessons I have kept that "requisite" in our home with each child. I would never force one of my children to play an instrument just because everyone else is doing it especially if they don't want to. Luckily all my girls developed a love for the piano, and have had great teachers along the way to teach them. And even though some of them have moved on to another string instrument doesn't mean they'll stop playing piano on their own time. 

Sierra has been playing piano since she was six, and is now 20 and continues to compose, and write music. She is a double major at the moment in Literary arts & music. 

Lexie played piano for three years, and moved on to the violin. That is her forte, and loves it. 

I am grateful for all my girls to have a musical talent, and that they have chosen on their own motive to stick with it, and to have developed a love for it. 

Noah will be six in the fall, and probably won't be putting him in lessons until spring of next year. He does show an interest in playing the piano though. 
On the day of the recital he eyed this white piano, and asked if he could sit down, and play on it. If any of you are familiar with the video of this song you can see as to why he wanted to play the white piano, and not a black one. He seriously was expecting to have food, streamers, confetti, and  chicken to fall down from the sky as he played. He truly is something else, and I look forward to him growing up and learning to play the piano. 
The recital turned out really well, and everyone did such a great job. Ms. Heidi has been teaching Chelsea for almost four years now, and she will be missed. Good thing she lives close by so we can stop by and say hi. 
Having her former kindergarten teacher, Ms. Griffith attend every piano recital since she began has been a blessing, and has made a huge impact on Chelsea's life. We love her so!! 
We will see how cello lessons go, and hope that she will develop a love for it just as her sister has for the violin. 

Every child is different when it comes to playing an instrument, but at the end of the day what's most important is what makes the child happy. 
...and when they're happy I'm happy! 

It is my hope that my two youngest children will grow to love music even more,  and that they will have the desire to gain more knowledge and pass it on to their posterity. 

***You can see a snippet of Chelsea's recital here.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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