Friday, June 5, 2015


I can't believe I've lived here for seven years and had not yet ventured out to Smith playground until yesterday! We moved here when Chelsea was almost three, and although I heard about the place the desire never really kicked in until now. So with Jon having the day off we decided to take Noah to check out this 16,000 square foot playhouse that everyone rants about, and says it's perfect for kids ages 10 and under. Noah is five, and since the playhouse is designed specifically for kids five, and younger I figured we'd go inside and take advantage, and so we did. 

And the best part about this place is that it's free to the public! Donations are appreciated, but not expected!

The playhouse inside has a block room, climb-on-train (which was Noah's favorite), a room full of cars and tricycles, play kitchens, and puppets. 
One of my favorites was sliding down this giant wooden slide! Noah wanted to go on it over, and over, and over, and over again!! All I kept hearing for 15 minutes straight was "one more time daddy, one more time." He wanted to go on it more with Jon, and watching them two sliding down the slide was hilarious. Noah giggled all the way down, and wouldn't stop even after he slid down. I have to say this attraction was indeed my favorite!! We totally felt like little kids again!
Another favorite attraction that Noah loved was the "Apollo Spinner". I'm sorry, but it looks like a modern day merry-go-round to me. Noah had a lot of fun going around and around. You can watch him spinning around here.
Noah played while I captured more photos. I figured since I had my fun sliding down the slide with him why not capture some photos of this vast, extensive playground with him having a ball in it! 
   ^^^ Oh...there's me again. (Fun photo taken by my husband.) ^^^
We could have stayed here all day, but our tummies called for food, and so we had a late lunch at Zac's Hamburgers which is a favorite when we drive into Pennsylvania. 
We are so thrilled that we finally got to venture out to Smith Playground, and we are definitely bringing Chelsea once school is out. Noah had so much, and is excited to come back and explore it again, and again.
Can't you tell?

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 

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