Wednesday, June 10, 2015


"Mom, can we get in the pool" are the words that are uttered every day when Chelsea comes home from school, and it doesn't bother me. As much as I looooooovvveee spending time with the kids there comes a time when I need my own space, and time for myself so that I can rejuvenate, and be energized once summer break starts. Since the weather has been a lot warmer the kids have been going in the little blue pool every single day after school. I normally don't allow them to do that until the school year is over, but who are we's been hot lately. Plus I don't want to be one of those mean moms who don't give their kids any freedom on a school day. I figure if they are done with their homework, practicing their piano, and it's still early (it doesn't get dark until 8 here) then by all means go outside, play in the pool, and leave me alone to relax, and read, or do something productive for an hour! Seriously...having them play in the pool has helped me catch up on some reading, and with all the errands I usually do during the day (believe me just because I'm a stay at home mom doesn't mean I sit around all day eating bon bons) it can really grow weary on me. So I am grateful for children who understand that mommy needs her space, and that they can entertain themselves with various outdoor activities such as the pool, chalking the sidewalk, get the picture. 

I have savored moment after moment with all my kids, but sometimes as a mom I know that I need some "me time" and it's okay. I love the last days of spring, and the early stages of summer because my attitude is in sunshine mode. Meaning that I'm happier because we can spend time outdoors, and not be cooped up in the house during brutal winters! Truth is I adore my family, and love being around them. Time is fleeting, and with that the world is changing. And when the world changes we change with it, and the kids grow up. 

So on the days that we don't go to the beach i am grateful for the little blue pool that helps my kids stay busy, happy, and sane during the summer months. Grateful that they are occupied with that while i finish a book, write in my journal, blog, or take pictures such as these when they were outside... matter what I can't stay away from my kids, but at the end of a hot, summer day the pool is a life saver, especially when I need some time to myself. 

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