Monday, June 1, 2015


Six weeks really flies by when you are having fun, especially when it comes to watching your kid doing something they really enjoy. 
In our 
This past Saturday was Noah's last day of tennis, and oh...before I continue, why is it that when they first begin they don't really get into it because they are too busy playing, not really paying attention talking to other little kids, but when you tell them it's their last day they get all interested, and start working harder hitting the ball more!?! 

What's up with that?? 

Luckily Noah had great coaches who were on the top of their game constantly telling them to pay attention in a super nice way, and Noah listened (sometimes.) 

And helping put the balls away was his favorite thing to do.
Chelsea will be starting lessons this month, and she is super excited! She was such a good helper to Coach Trish and Coach Ron helping out with the little kids. 
Coach Trish, and Coach Ron are amazing teachers, and I'm so happy that they'll be sticking around to teach Chelsea's age group. If you are a Jersey resident I highly recommend taking private lessons from Coach Ron. He knows what he's talking about when it comes to tennis. His devotion to the children, and teaching them all about leg sports, life skills, and cognitive skills was amazing! The games he did with the kids that tied in with learning all about tennis was fun, and very helpful. They even gave out prizes, and treats for the kids who worked hard, and finally aimed at hitting the ball (which explains the two clothespins clipped on his shirt.) 
Noah learned a lot in six weeks, and worked really hard which is why he's wiping his sweat in the photo below, and I hope that next time you see him will be hitting the ball over the net like a pro! Wait...did that just rhyme?? 

My future little Andre Agassi. 

And how was your weekend? 

Happy Monday! 

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