Thursday, June 11, 2015


Even though I've scrap booked my kids lives in their memory books since the day they were born there was no depiction or stories written behind the photos. And since I enjoy writing I've decided to do a few throwback posts on some of my fondest memories before we moved to Jersey, and before we became a family of six. They won't be in order, but i hope that you won't get bored with my short stories or snippets of my family behind these posts. This is being written for my posterity, and will be printed and added on to the tangible photos in their scrapbooks. I also hope that at the same time it'll make you smile, and have you leaving saying, "no wonder", "so that's what happened to her",  "cute kids", and "so glad she was safe all these years!" So enjoy! Note that all photos in this post were taken by wonderful husband with a Nikon N4004 back when people used to develop film in a dark room, and way before smartphones! 

I will always remember the first time we ventured out to Seaside, Oregon. The 16 hour drive was never an issue especially while traveling with kids who loved long drives. Visiting Jon's grandpa in Washington became a summer tradition throughout our years while living in Utah. We were so fortunate to have family living in that area which motivated us to take that long road trip. 

We always took advantage of driving to Washington state not only to visit grandpa, attend the temple, but to also have fun at the beach! 

I was about six months pregnant with Chelsea, and being pregnant with her was a breeze...until I reached my third trimester. That's when the nausea kicked in, and my sciatic became super unbearable, but how lucky I was to have enjoyed myself before she joined her sisters and coming into this world. 
^^^ wearing a white t-shirt sure shows everything especially when the water is cold...sorry for the indiscretion! ^^^
The girls live for the beach. Living in Utah you are nowhere close to the beach, or any type of lake. You have to drive five hours to Lake Powell, 10 hours to California, or 16 hours to Seaside. Luckily, and I stress writing the word luckily Jon and I don't mind driving long distances, and that we were blessed with great little travelers. 

Seaside is absolutely beautiful. The fact that the Goonies was filmed there always had me wanting to visit the quaint town of Seaside. We didn't have too much time on this trip to check out the neighborhood of where the movie was filmed in nearby Astoria, or enter inside the house where it was filmed, (that will be in a later post), but man did we have fun at the beach. 
And look at how young, and cute the girls are! Lexie throwing her hands up in the air as if she doesn't have a care in the world (she still does that too!)
It's very rare to see hotels located on the beach, but that azure blue sky is sure a sight to see! #nofilter 
^^^ One of my favorite historical points was the fact that this was where Lewis and Clark ended their expedition! We had fun, and also got educated at the same time! (excuse the thumbprint...too lazy to crop it!) ^^^
Chelsea and Lexie are two peas in a pod, and always had fun together. They never grew weary of each other, or got on each other's nerves (that I know of.) It seems that every time we ventured out on road trips they were always so agreeable, hence all the road trips we continued to take. 

Stay tuned for another throwback story in the Thursdays to come! 

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