Monday, June 18, 2012

I like to teach the world to sing...

This past weekend Chelsea had her piano recital with about 29 other kids! I was amazed at the talent from all the children in different age groups. Chelsea has been waiting for this day for the past month, and on this night she did a fantastic job! This is her first time being in a recital with more that 10 kids! She was able to choose a second song, and she chose a song that reminded me of my childhood. A 70's vintage Coca Cola commercial called "I like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony". Oh how I especially loved seeing that commercial when I was a little girl...especially around Christmas time, and she played it so well. There might have been one or two slight mistakes, but for playing in front of 70 people I think she played pretty darn good!

Although she is seven years old, she is probably the most ambitious little girl I have ever known, and very strong willed. So far I am glad that she wants to play on her own motive just like her two older sisters. This is her second recital, and has been playing for two years. She has improved on her technique, and absolutely loves playing. All the kids did wonderful, and Mrs. Heidi put on a great show and reception afterwards.

Our dear friend Marianne is like a surrogate "young" nana to Chelsea. It's so nice to have someone whom I feel so close to that literally feels like immediate family. It makes me miss both my mother, and mother-in-law. I am extremely grateful that she is in Chelsea's life, and that we all went to together.
Mrs. Heidi & Chelsea
Having Ms. Heidi as her teacher has been a blessing. I am glad that she has had so much patience with us for the past four months. We look forward to continuing with her in the fall. 
We are so pleased with Chelsea's performance, and look forward to many more recitals. I posted her recital on Facebook so if you're my friend you can view it on my wall! 

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